T-ara’s Hyomin’s Solo Debut Mini Album is Accurately Titled ‘Nice Body’

hyomin nice body

Perhaps after acknowledging that entitling a song along the lines of ‘1Min 1Sec (Never Ever)’ is needlessly complex, Core Contents Media is going for a much more straightforward angle with Hyomin’s upcoming solo debut. The mini-album will be called ‘Nice Body’. It’s like calling water wet. It just makes sense.

The mishmash of hip-hop caps and sneakers and gown-wear is a nice contrast and really helps add a layer of intrigue to just what the hell this concept will end up sounding and looking like.

Or maybe Hyomin just has really nice legs.

Either way, hats off to CCM for getting right to the point with what to expect from Hyomin’s upcoming release. May there actually be truth in advertising please.

No  focus testing needed.

No focus testing needed.

CCM: where word association leads to album titles.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    CSB-My wife asked me what song I was listening to one time and I said “Shampoo”. She replied “what’s next, pillow fight?” She’s funny. Anyway, here’s hoping Hyomin brings it as hard as Hyosung and Jiyeon has. But where is my Min solo?

    1. I will cackle if some source within JYP Entertainment was just trolling allkpop in their spare time.

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