T-ara’s Hyomin is understandably taken with T-ara’s Hyomin’s solo teaser photo

hyomin solo

Now that Jiyeon’s solo masterpiece is ancient, ancient news by K-Pop standards, T-ara is now ready to role out Hyomin’s new solo release.

Needless to say, this also looks very promising:

What's better than Hyomin? Two Hyomins.

What’s better than Hyomin? Two Hyomins.

Xibitz would be proud of this media campaign. “Yo dawg, so I heard you liked Hyomin teasers, so here’s a teaser photo of Hyomin gazing upon the glory of her own teaser photo.” Kinda brilliant.

Core Contents Media also released a statement to give some idea of what to expect out of Hyomin’s upcoming single:

Hyomin teamed up with producer Brave Brothers for her solo album. Hyomin is preparing for her song, choreography, and concept which are of a totally different style than Jiyeon’s.

Apparently, Duble Sidekick actually can’t be everywhere at once.

Based on the extremely thin evidence of a flat billed baseball cap, Hyomin’s release looks like it will probably be more of a hip-pop thing than Jiyeon’s art house flick but hopefully the live performances and wardrobe don’t stray too far from each other. While their releases being “totally different” will raise anticipation for Hyomin’s release, I wouldn’t complain at all if they just gave her Jiyeon’s outfits.

Yes, this is a thin excuse to post this.

Yes, this is a thin excuse to post this.

The next teaser will come on June 2nd. I really want it to be a picture of Hyomin looking at the teaser photo of Hyomin looking at the original teaser image.



  1. Honey · · Reply

    I love Hyomin, but she looks so skinny here it’s scary. Maybe they should postpone her solo until we’re sure she won’t break in half >.<

    1. Hyomin’s always been on the thin side though.

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