Waifu Wednesday: Yuji

yuji bestie cover

Jung Yu Ji (better known as Yuji or Uji) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the main vocalist of relatively new K-Pop group BESTie and she was also the former leader of EXID.

As far as K-Pop goes, Yuji is a very strong singer. Her defection from EXID to study at the Seoul Institute of Arts was EXID’s loss and (eventually) BESTie’s gain. While Dahye may get the most internet love due to the fact that Dahye is damn near impossible, Yuji is just as critical to BESTie’s outlook and survival in the cutthroat and oversaturated market of K-Pop girl groups. As much as looks and stupidly pretty rappers matter (and they matter a lot in K-Pop), a group still needs people who can carry a tune and still stomp brains visually. Yuji fits that bill to the tee. Simply put, Yuji is the total package and BESTie is in good hands with her on board.


Yuji is so pretty that sunsets commision landscape paintings of her.

America the beautiful.

The American flag has never looked so good.

Yuji is so sexy that she simultaneously causes deadly heart attacks and miraculous resurrections with a smile.

White pants are best pants.

White pants are best pants.

Yuji’s voice melts butter faster than a flash fire.

That stomach is mindbogglingly pristine.

That stomach is mindbogglingly pristine.

Yuji’s beauty is a more welcomed sight than water in a desert.

Yuji doin work.

Yuji doin work.

Yuji is so boss that she could simply walk into Mordor.

Best BESTie.

Best BESTie.

Yuji causes more feels than a tectonic plates shift.




feels gif



  1. Sometimes I wonder if my subconscious is writing these reviews. Again, another spot on article.

    1. Sometimes, this thing goes full on id, so there’s a good possibility that that’s true.

  2. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Perfection!! Her performances on Immortal Song have always been fantastic and the reaction of the guys in the waiting room is priceless.

    Her combo of looks + talent is brutal and Bestie would have been a juggernaut (amongst the rookies) by now if they were backed by one of the bigger labels.

    Either way, they need a few more comebacks. Stat.

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