Selca Sunday gives all the good feels


jessica krystal jung snsd fx

Welcome to another edition of Selca Sunday, where the marvels of technology are reduced to the ability of K-Pop stars to take pictures of themselves. In this addition, Jessica and Krystal look to dominate reality (television). Without further ado, here’s some of this week’s best:

Taeyeon of SNSD:

It's a strong week when Taeyeon leads off.

It’s a strong week when Taeyeon leads off.

Dasom of SISTAR:

Dasom brings heat.

Dasom brings heat.

Suzy of miss A:

Suzy's having none of it.

Suzy’s having none of it.

Clara Lee:

Clara Lee: Internet Master.

Clara Lee: Internet Master.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Hello Mrs. Officer.

Hello Mrs. Officer.

Lizzy of Orange Caramel:

Ice, ice baby.

Ice, ice baby.

Fei of miss A:

Hail the queen.

Hail the queen.

Seohyun of SNSD:

Seohyun makes a grand appearance.

Seohyun makes a grand appearance for Selca Sunday.

Nana of Orange Caramel:

Nana nah nah. Nana nah nah.

Nana nah nah. Nana nah nah.

Hyosung of SECRET:

And goodnight. KO.

And goodnight. KO.

A very strong lineup for a long weekend. After a month of scraping by, selcas are back with an absurd amount of riches. Enjoy Memorial Day y’all.



  1. No Hyuna or Woohee?

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    You suprised the hell out of me with that Seobaby! Absolutely stellar edition! Thanks!

  3. 1 Jungsis is bestest. The taboo fantasy.
    2 Suzy makes a very pretty corpse or something.
    3 Jaekyungs police tape wont stop the stanners.
    4 Seobabe what took so long?
    5 Hyosung the perfect finish.
    An excellent sunday sir.

    1. There will be more Seobaby appearances now, I’m pretty sure.

  4. Sammy · · Reply

    Seohyun is so pretty it kills me ;____;

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