Waifu Wednesday: G.NA

g.na cover pretty lingerie

Gina Jane Choi (better known by her stage name G.NA) is a Canadian K-Pop idol singer, dancer, model and actress.

It is a shame that Five Girls was never meant to be because between G.NA, Hyosung, UEE, Jiwon and Yubin, the group would have had the greatest visual presence in all of entertainment. As for Gina Choi, her erhm physical assets are her gift and her curse. For better and worse, G.NA’s figure gets as much, if not more, attention than her discography and while there’s no denying that G.NA has an amazing body, her voice is better than she’s often given credit for. Her music is light and more poppy than one would think for someone who could easily go for the out-and-out sexy trend that is consuming K-Pop whole. Then again, when you’re G.NA, you’re already bringing a healthy dose of sexy to the table and any more would probably end humanity.


G.NA is so curvy that she bends time.

It was tempting to just make this one this Nylong shoot.

It was tempting to just make this one this Nylong shoot.

G.NA’s sexiness creates surpluses for blood donation drives.

Because good lord.

Because good lord.

G.NA is so talented that she embodies nirvana.

There's plenty of other material out there (like this).

There’s plenty of other material out there (like this).

G.NA is so beautiful that flowers bloom in her presence.

Tons of goodies.

Tons of goodies.

G.NA defies logic, physics and rational thought.

Alright, couldn't resist. I am weak.

Alright, couldn’t resist. I am weak.

G.NA could sell me dog turds and I’d call it chocolate.




cheering fan boying spazz



  1. ald98 · · Reply

    i feel weird seeing G.Na’s photos without her smile, because good Lord, even God can’t count how many times she’s smiling.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Definitely hot as hell and WW worthy. Its making more sense to me why you won’t/can’t bring SNSD to their climax. These photos are inspiring, plus I remember she is friends with 4minute so that’s awesome too.

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      Great figure but she always looks older than she actually is to me (which makes her attempt to act cute particularly painful to watch).
      Yes, I remember she was really pally with 4Minute during an episode of ‘Travel Maker’. Fun fact: G.Na was one of Hyuna’s backup dancers for ‘Change’. Really easy to spot her too in that MV.

      1. Yup, she sure stands out in that one.

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