‘KARA Project’ has introduced the seven potential Nicole and Jiyoung replacements

kara project

KARA and DSP Media have unveiled the seven contestants who will vie for the opportunity to ride the group’s shrinking popularity for as long as DSP can make a buck out of it.

Watching five girls have their life-long dreams dashed on television sounds cruel and exploitative. However, if it’s of any consolation to the eventual losers, the two winning contestants get the privilege of sleep deprivation, controlled dieting, non-stop scheduling and crazed netizen scrutiny for the remaining months which KARA remains relevant.

For those who haven’t been following this fervishly, here’s the lucky seven for the upcoming KARA Project:

So Jin

Shi Yoon

Young Ji

Chae Kyung

So Min

Chae Won

Yu Ji

Honestly, it’s hard to form an opinion about any of these girls yet. It kind of hurts that each is basically given the exact same trailer, shot with the exact same lighting while they all kind of dance to the exact same backing tune. It would be a lot more gripping if it seemed like these girls had distinct styles or personas and the introductory teasers would have been the perfect opportunity to frame that. If these trailers were meant to hype up the seven contestants’ talents, DSP Media took the most vanilla route possible.

Why, it’s almost like none of what these girls bring to the table individually actually matters and this is all a desperate gambit to keep KARA in the media cycle.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    You linked to 2 instead of linked to 3.

    1. Thanks, (should be) fixed now.

  2. I don’t like any of them.

    1. I can’t form an opinion yet because they’re all presented the same.

  3. moyaaa · · Reply

    I think the first 4 are possible replacements. The others didn’t leave much of an impression. My first time seeing these girls and if I were betting, I’ll put money on Young Ji (#3).

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      Just came back here to check my previous prediction of the Kara’s new member, based on nothing else other than the teaser videos posted above. Damn, I’m good 🙂

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