Nicole Jung’s been busy making dance practice videos that are better than all your MVs

nicle jung solo project

The original plan was to do G.NA’s review for “Pretty Lingerie” but then Nicole Jung released a dance video and made me lose all capacity for critical thought.

Not sure what else to add here other than Nicole’s dancing skills are smoother than an oiled pig, her hips are as violent as a Scorsese flick and her stomach is utterly, absurdly perfect. Also, the camera knows when and where to cut, manages to add some lighting effects in and it’s all easy to follow! If only K-Pop videos could boast the same thing more often.

If this is meant to be some sort of audition video for an eventual solo project, she’s nailing it as well as her song selections here (Janet, Beyonce and Ciara are the shit). Hopefully a solo release happens because this six minute video pretty much confirms that the planet needs more Nicole Jung for all of eternity.

May I regain some sort of brain function by tomorrow for a G.NA review. For now, I am content with the blissful blankness that is commonly caused by Nicole Jung’s abs.




  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I’m very curious about what exactly she is gearing up for. A Korean solo? American? Either way it should be interesting.

  2. A girl that sexy should not need a push up bra.

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