Waifu Wednesday: Jung Hana (Zinger)

zinger poison secret

Jung Hana (better known by her ex-stage name “Zinger”) is a South Korean idol rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer and presumably paradise’s legs model.

When Jung Hana changed her name in order to express her growing maturity or whatever K-Pop unfortunately lost one of it’s most self-explanatory nicknames. The name Zinger sounds like a first-draft name for a rapping superhero but it was also helpful so that one automatically knew what her role was in the group. After all, having a rapper named “Zinger” doesn’t require one to delve into K-Pop titles that often run longer than the titles of Kings and Queens of Westeros.

The change may have been done in order to represent Zinger’s Hana’s maturity but it’s also a case where the nickname didn’t quite fit. Zinger is a cheesily-great rapper name but Hana has always been an adequate idol “rapper”, but not one who, well, zinged. Like most of her K-Pop rapper contemporaries, Hana is an idol who’s positives lean far more towards causing nosebleeds than they do towards spitting bars. And when one has managed to sculpt their legs into tear-worthy masterpieces like Hana has, she can request whatever name she damn well pleases.


Hana is so pretty she put Maleficent’s mirror out of work.

A very distracting driving hazard.

A very distracting driving hazard.

Hana is so hot she increases beach tourism by 500%.

Doing it right.

Doing it right.

Hana could rap about killing puppies and it’d still be the cutest thing ever.

SECRET has an embarrassment of hot.

SECRET has an embarrassment of hot.

Hana is such a good dancer that she doesn’t “dance” so much as she “grinds brains into dust.”

"Poison" era forever please.

“Poison” era forever please.

Hana’s appeal stretches beyond time, space and sense.

Death by Zinger is a Thing.

Death by Zinger is a Thing.

Zinger has more moves than the universe has space.

I am that dude.

I am that dude.

Zinger could sell me a glass of ice water in the Antarctic.

I'd be burning up anyways.

I’d be burning up anyways.


washed away in feels




  1. zinger is so so hot in poison mv. i swear i can look at it for days and still be drooling. her hot bod jfc. she’s a great rapper and actually i quite fond of her singing. she’s just a bundle of gold urgh

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Venemous. Baby blue tee selca is awesome, and the gifs are just…hell yes. I don’t mind the change to her face, but I do think she looked better before. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any way.

    What I wouldn’t do to have legs like that

    1. Speaking as a dude, her legs are a work of art.

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