T-ara’s Jiyeon Set to Kill Humanity on May 20th with Solo Debut


After being delayed due to the Sewol ferry tragedy, Jiyeon’s solo debut is now set to set the world aflame on May 20th.

In order to milk the hype for all it’s worth, Core Contents Media has also teased that there will be two more teasers for Jiyeon’s debut which means that there will be about 30 seconds of unreleased footage by the time that the actual MV drops. Only in K-Pop do entertainment labels frequently use press releases to pimp out trailers for music videos:

“Jiyeon’s first solo mini-album will be released on the 20th… Jiyeon, who is the first member of T-ara to make a solo debut, will show an eye-catching performance and alluring music that is different from T-ara’s music through her solo mini-album.”

“The teaser video which will be released on the 13th will show a more mature and alluring Jiyeon than previously shown in her spoiler video. Part.1 and Part.2 of the teaser will be released simultaneously.”

If maturity means more images like the one released with the press release then I’ve got to apply for an AARP card immediately. The next couple of weeks should be pretty good.

 In the meantime, there’s still two (announced) teasers and all the inevitable promo stills to go as well as all the accompanying press releases that go with them. One wonders how CCM can keep its madlibs statements fresh with these announcements. There can only be so many ways to say “Jiyeon will pulverize your brain with her thighs”.


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