Hyosung’s MV Teaser for “Good-night Kiss” is Everything You’d Expect and Want

hyosung goodnight kiss teaser1

When the first teaser image for Hyosung’s much-anticipated solo debut were released, it wasn’t exactly clear if the upcoming release was going to go for a “cute” concept or a “sexy” concept (about the only two concepts that exist in female K-Pop).

Now, we have an answer:

Luckily, this thing appears to be much closer to “Poison” than “Yoohoo”. The Duble Sidekick sampling sounds great as a sexy piano line and light chimes bring a delicate sensibility that contrasts nicely with how hard Hyosung hits the senses. There’s not much to be heard yet and the actual beat could go in any number of directions but here’s to hoping that the couple of bars dropped here are representative of the final product. A more refined sexy sound would be infinitely preferable to a loud, dubstep heavy grind-fest.

As for the visual side of things, “Good-night Kiss” looks to be playing things safe. There’s nothing very surprising aside from Hyosung cosplaying as a bejeweled mother bird at the very end of the teaser. Hyosung looks unsurprisingly hot, the lighting hits her in unsurprisingly flattering ways and the camera has some unsurprisingly prominent shots of Hysoung’s, erhm, assets.

This should be the entire dance.

This should be the entire dance.

In other words, this is looking and sounding unsurprisingly good. May 12th can’t come along fast enough.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I’m glad that Hyosung is going for a sexy concept, seeing that G.NA is going for a lighter concept, and Hyosung doing cute would be too much at that end of the spectrum for me right now. Here’s G.NA’s teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rZz94MZdvI

    1. Yeah, as natural as it would be to have these reversed, I’m happy that Hyosung is going this route instead. She pulls it off better than G.NA could in my mind.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        However, I just got really excited for G.NA’s concept as well, because I saw on the wikipedia page for all of the kpop releases that G.NA’s song is titled “Pretty Lingerie”. That sounds very promising.

  2. this explains the drooling since yesterday.

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