Waifu Wednesday: Min

min miss a hush

Lee Min Young (better known as Min) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being Lil’ Jon’s protege (and for being a member of K-Pop group miss A).

In many ways, the fact that Min is reportedly having a solo debut soon has been a long time coming. The girl has pretty much been in the entertainment industry her whole life. She was one half of the dancing duo “Little Winners” (with Hyoyeon of SNSD fame) and she auditioned for JYP Entertainment in the sixth grade. A year later, she was shuttled off to the US to train for a debut there back when JYP was still banking on K-Pop taking the US by storm. It was during this period that Min teamed up with Lil’ Jon, a pairing that I imagine as being too good for this world (please let there be a collaboration at some point). After six years worth of delays, Min returned to South Korea without telling her parents or her label. After what turned into eight years of training, Min was then placed in K-Pop’s group of God’s Chosen Legs aka miss A and the rest is hnnngg-filled history.

The girl can rap and sing and she’s incredibly easy on the eyes. While miss A’s vocalists are often interchangeable, Min definitely brings a harder edge to her vocals that helps offset the softer stylings of Fei and Suzy. That versatility suits her well. With a solo debut forthcoming, Min is positioned to slay everything. All that’s left is the coronation.


Min is so sexy that her legs cause more nosebleeds than boxing.

miss A: Highlighting Min's assets since forever.

miss A: Highlighting Min’s assets since forever.

Min is so pretty that her selcas are instant masterpieces.

Move over Picasso.

Move over Picasso.

Min is such a heavenly dancer that she waltzes on water.

Got me Hush-ed up.

Got me Hush-ed up.

Min is so smooth she could wiggle out of a boa constrictor’s grip.

The perfect host.

The perfect host.

Min’s hotness could overheat the Earth’s core.

Stealth Fei sighting.

Stealth Fei sighting.

Min causes more whiplash than automobile accidents.

Dear lord, if you're reading this stop it. You're doing it wrong.

Dear lord, if you’re reading this stop it. You’re doing it wrong.


my feels

And with that, miss A is the second group to get completely Waifu Wednesday’d (behind KARA). Surprised it took this long to be honest.



  1. Luneil · · Reply

    Oh my Min ♥
    This article is pure Gold!

  2. Lucem · · Reply

    Should have put the vid where she gets whacked in the face by her backup dancer.

  3. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Well it’s about damn time! Seriously though, she has been my absolute favorite performer for some time now. Yes, I know she does dumb stuff now and then, but she is so adorable and talented and sexy and always seems to be having fun no matter what she is doing. I’m so glad you finally got around to featuring her.

  4. Ryoko Nic · · Reply

    And the wonderful Changmin gif at the end perfectly sums up a 5 star post. Them gifs got me all up in my Min feels. ❤

  5. second bias in the group aosodomfjkds. she and hyo should definitely make a duet!!!! this article is GLORIOUS

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