After School’s Nana is a messy roommate who doesn’t flush according to Lizzy and Raina

orange caramel ceci

After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana is a totally normal person outside of the fact that she looks like what would appear in one of God’s wet dreams.

On the variety show “Roommate”, Orange Caramel dished on what happens in their dorm and by “dished” I mean Lizzy and Raina decided to lay out all of Nana’s dirty laundry (literally):

Lizzy complained, “The room is a mess. Nana unni’s things have been there for a week. They don’t move.” Like Lizzy had said, Nana’s shoes and clothes were all over the dorm. Raina also revealed, “Nana doesn’t flush after using the toilet. Also, she doesn’t wear any underwear when she sleeps.

It's like a hurricane of cute hit the place.

It’s like a hurricane of cute hit the place.

Basically, Nana is the People’s Idol.

As for that last little bit that Raina revealed about Nana going commando when she calls it a night (which means that Raina and Lizzy have definitely seen Nana when she sleeps… hng), Lizzy gets off a good line summing it all up because Lizzy is the best thing about After School and Orange Caramel:

To this, Lizzy joked, “That’s good, the ratings will go up.

Lizzy knows what’s up. Masterful media play. A+ job y’all.

Suddenly, Lizzy’s old story of how she watched porn with Nana to study for the “Flashback” comeback takes on a whole new light.



  1. therealcz · · Reply

    Just think of all the water she saves by not flushing the toilet. I’m sure environmentalists love her now.

    1. Even Mother Nature loves Nana.

  2. Nana is just conserving water for her showers with Lizzy.

    Lizzy said they shower together once on a tv show and the NaLiz shipper in me wants to believe it’s true.

  3. Further proof Nana is a dirty girl.
    And that Lizzy is such a stirrer, bless her heart and other bits.

  4. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Goddesses do not do mortal thing like go to the bathroom. Nana has no need to flush.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    I like to believe that all of After School are watching porn together.

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