SECRET’s Hyosung reveals teaser image for “Top Secret” – YES, YES, YES

hyosung solo debut top secret

There isn’t much uncertainty when it came to the announcement of a Hyosung solo debut but the first teaser image for Hyosung’s first album “Top Secret” adds just enough to the mix to further hype a release that doesn’t need much.

The solo debut was always guaranteed to be easy on the eyes because it’s friggin’ Hyosung but due to SECRET’s dual nature as 50’s-60’s pinup models and 50’s-60’s poodle-skirt prom queens, it was difficult to see how TS Entertainment would err in showcasing the best lingerie salesperson that K-Pop ever birthed. 

And it seems that they’ve wisely split the difference, playing on both sides of Secret’s brand. The white side of the teaser is the “cute” and “innocent” side because K-Pop will never tire of using white to signify “sexy in the most nonthreatening way possible”. The right side is definitely a bit edgier, as Hyosung sports a side-swept bang instead of the Deschanel-esque hairstyle on the left, some more dramatic make up, black nail polish and whatever that is strung through her fingers.

As a teaser, it’s damn near perfect. Hyosung looks great on both ends, and either concept photo would work as a still for a single that could cause all the nosebleeds. And it accomplishes all of this without explicitly giving away what the concept for the single will be. Right now, all that’s being divulged is “Hyosung can kill you in black or white” and I for one await the sweet, sweet release of death.



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