Waifu Wednesday: Yang Jiwon

jiwon spica ceci

Yang Jiwon is a K-Pop idol singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for being the vocalist and visual of K-Pop group SPICA.

The K-Pop gods have both blessed and cursed Jiwon. In any other group, she wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into being the visual. She’d have more lines and get fawned over for being a legitimate dual-threat (somehow, being pretty AND being able to sing is worth spazzing out over in K-Pop). Unfortunately for her, SPICA has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to vocalists and through no fault of her own, Jiwon gets fewer lines than someone with her voice would normally dictate. On the plus side, she was almost a member of T-ara, so one can always count their blessings. Like many things in life, it could have been much worse.

No matter how much one can lament the fact that Jiwon doesn’t get many lines in SPICA, one cannot lament her screen time or presence. Thanks to Jiwon, SPICA has an embarrassment of hotness to go with their vocal superpowers.


Jiwon is so sexy that candles melt hearing her name.

Dat dress.

Dat dress.

Jiwon’s greatness is measured in light years.

Doing it right.

Doing it right.

Jiwon is so sweet that candies buy her for Valentine’s Day.

Eye cavities. All the eye cavities.

Eye cavities. All the eye cavities.

The grass is always greener on Jiwon’s side.

Soooooo... artsy.

Soooooo… artsy.

Jiwon causes so many nosebleeds, she’s been mistaken for a boxer.

Yup, slaughtered it.

Yup, slaughtered it.

Jiwon is so perfect that she defies definition of the word.




feels gif




  1. sometimes i mistaken her as 4minute’s gayoon idk. she totally rocks the pink hair xx

    1. have you feature spica’s boa tho? but all spica’s bbs need all the luvs so pls feature em all ❤

      1. Yeah, did Boa already. She’s probably my fave in the group. And yes. SPICA gets all the love around these parts.

  2. moyaaa · · Reply

    That last picture needs to be replaced with this instead

    1. That is a good call.

  3. I’ll always remember her for being the last to debut from that what-if kpop girl group 5Girls.

    1. Also known as the Greatest K-Pop Group That Never Was.

      1. Seriously who would have been considered the ugly one in that group? Each member has something going for them looks wise.

  4. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Bohyoung is by far my favorite Spica member, but damn you make a solid case for Jiwon here. You always seem to find the best pics.

    1. I’m a Boa fan but it’s really, really easy to see Jiwon’s appeal haha.

  5. I am a big fan of Ji Won. She captivates me whenever I see her preform.

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