K-Pop Comebacks Should Be Plentiful in May or Maybe July


It’s of no secret that K-Pop news has been light as the various acts and entertainment shows have crawled to halt in the wake of the ferry tragedy.  While such delays are understandable and in good taste, the show must go on and K-Pop entertainment companies are starting to gear up again for the coming summer months.

Of course, it’s still a little unclear of what is releasing when, given the build up of delayed acts that could occur due to the suspension of music programs. There’s also the World Cup in Brazil happening this June to consider as well. I’m told is popular outside of America. All this means that May and July may be very busy months for K-Pop:

The agency rep for one of the artists who is confirmed for a May comeback revealed to TV Report, “Of course, we have to be careful about everything because of the situation, but promotions will begin in May.  For now, we will release the album and have a showcase. There’s also a concert set, so we can’t postpone any longer.  If we delay this artist, we would then need to postpone the comebacks of all the other artists who are also preparing at the moment.

On the other hand, there are also artists who decided to make their comebacks much later in July!  One rep of an artist who delayed the comeback said, “Music programs have a big role in getting the song out there.  We can’t thoughtlessly release an album in this current state as we don’t know when the [music programs] will begin again.  Because of the flood of the comebacks in May, all competition on the charts and broadcasts will become very fierce.  It would be better to just prepare more and to start promotions in July.”

Affected acts include Hyomin, Jiyeon and G.NA’s solo releases, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how one looks at it. On the one hand, having all those releases clumped together could cause some of them to be lost in the shuffle. On the other hand, is too much of a good thing really such a bad thing?

No such thing as too much goodness.

No such thing as too much goodness.

May/July is gonna own.

May/July is gonna own.

As you could probably imagine...

As you could probably imagine…


If those three were to release their solo projects in the same month (let’s say May so we can also include Hyosung in the bunch as well), the collective heat of those releases could evaporate the Earth. Given that we’re approaching summer, that’s only appropriate.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Good lord, those indeed are four comebacks/debuts that will (in the vernacular) cause many, many nosebleeds.

    I really have become dependent on the constant influx of new releases. These last few weeks have been awful without any new music to listen to. I actually bought the newest Arctic Monkeys album the other day because I was jonesing for something new. It really shows how well the kpop business model works.

    1. Yeah, the whole setback of all the releases has essentially slowed K-Pop news to a halt. I’ve been thinking it’s been awhile since I wrote a review before realizing that there’s literally been next to nothing to write about from a K-Pop music perspective for weeks.

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