More Stills of miss A’s Min’s Legs Surface for Upcoming Solo Debut

min 1 cover solo missa

Allkpop’s little bird at JYP Entertainment bestowed a couple more photos of miss A’s Min’s upcoming solo release(s) and it looks like this one is going to be pretty good.

Unlike the previous teaser photos, these don’t look like they’re taken from the set of a music video as much as they look like they were taken at a dance studio somewhere in JYP’s complex. Min is going to release multiple videos according to the source, so this could be connected to that in some way (though I really hope not, as these stills don’t look very visually dynamic outside of Min’s legs which are incredibly, erhm, dynamic).

Once again, an insider disclosed new information exclusively to allkpop and also shared more pictures of Min. We’ve learned that Min will be releasing a series of videos for what we could assume to be multiple songs. One of the songs to be released is a cover of a song originally sung by one of America’s top divas!

Of course, the most intriguing thing about all of this is who allkpop considers to be one of “America’s top divas.”

According to the allkpop piece, Min is also directing and choreographing all her own moves for her supposed debut. These shots make it look like one of those cover choreography videos that companies upload to generate precious clicks for internet e-cred though. It would be hilarious if that is all this is.

Who is looking forward to the moment that this is all hype for “Min Releases Solo Debut Music Choreography Video for Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”‘?

All kidding aside, looking forward to a Min solo release.

All kidding aside, looking forward to a Min solo release.

Really hope that this doesn't reflect the production budget though.

Really hope that this doesn’t reflect the production budget though.

Practice stills, right?

Practice stills, right?

Unf though.

Unf though.



  1. So Allkpop 5 months after Ailee’s scandal (or better, “Allkpop’s scandal treating Ailee like shit”) has exclusives again..
    I’m not hyped because we have already a feetfu from JYP (Sunmi) but when I have low expectations the result is way better than what I expected (last example was 4minute).

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Unf indeed.

  3. Is it sexist to say that when I think of Min its not her legs I’m imagining?

    1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

      Depends. Are you imagining her…smile? Eyes? Overall awesomeness?

      1. Sure this is a trick question but i’ll bite. I’m a guy so 2 big things come to mind.

  4. I see that chair again…

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