Leessang’s Gil Caught Drinking and Driving, Will Perform Ritual Reflection

gil leessang

In an instance that can only elicit a “c’mon man”, Leessang’s Gil was caught drinking and driving.

His license has been revoked in the meantime. Gil issued a statement to say that he is sorry because that’s what you do now if you’re a celebrity:

I have no excuse and I’m deeply reflecting… I sincerely apologize for causing trouble and disappointing fans and those who have given me love all this time because of my inappropriate actions. I will make sure that this does not happen again. I once again bow my head and sincerely apologize.

Gil’s apology will affect his role in the variety TV show Infinite Challenge.  He’ll take an extended break from the show in order to further reflect on how drinking and then endangering the public safety by commandeering a moving vehicle is a Bad Idea:

“Gil has also told us of his intention to leave ‘Infinity Challenge’ in order to have a period of self-reflection. The producers have accepted his request and have decided to film with 6 members for now.”

Pretty sure that Gil will be back. After a socially acceptable time, Gil can make a couple passing remarks of how he learned that it is actually not wise to operate machinery weighing thousands of pounds while under the influence of alcohol. The public will nod its collective head in self-seriousness and then Gil will go back to making people laugh because if Nichkhun can hit a guy on a motorcycle while driving under the influence and end up dating Tiffany, then Gil should be alright after his ritual celebrity exile.

Besides, what would Leessang be without its signature croak?



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