Waifu Wednesday: Uee

uee cover after school

Kim Yu-Jin (better known as Uee) is a South Korean idol, vocalist, actress, model and MC. She is best known for being a member of After School.

Of course, being “best known” for being in After School may be a bit of a misnomer. It could be more correct to say that Uee got her first big break in the K-Pop industry thanks to After School (she had previously been in the unfortunately scrapped Five Girls which was set to have Uee, Secret’s Hyosung, SPICA’s Jiwon, Wonder Girl’s Yubin and G.NA… yup). Since then, Uee’s profile has risen greatly but it’s pretty much had nothing to do with increased exposure through After School. Instead, her position in the group has been a nice stepping stone towards other pursuits in acting, modeling, MCing and reality TV series. Uee represents one of the somewhat rare cases of an idol’s presence outstripping that of her group (Suzy and Hyuna remain the gold standards for this). Not that that’s a bad thing. More Uee is never a bad thing. THOSE LEGS.


Uee is so mythical that unicorns don’t believe she exists.

It's like magic.

It’s like magic.

Uee is so eternal that she’s helping co-write god’s biography.

She's also humanity's muse during her off-time.

She’s also humanity’s muse during her off-time.

Uee’s legs are so perfect that Michelangelo wouldn’t have been able to mold them.

There is a caption here if you somehow managed to not just stop at LEGS.

There is a caption here if you somehow managed to not just stop at LEGS.

Uee could hard boil an egg with her sexiness.

I'm roasted.

I’m roasted.

Uee is so talented that the sun tries to not fly too close to her.

Burning up so bad.

Burning up so bad.

Uee is so good, she’s the eighth deadly sin.







  1. She looks great in commercials and print, but comes across somewhat doe-eyed and clueless to me. Compared to Hyuna or Suzy, I would say she comes up short on personality. Not that any of this matters much because; those legs!

    1. Uee’s variety stuff falls flat to me from what I’ve seen. You are right though. Legs!

  2. Best legs in K-pop.

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