Selca Sunday – Easter Edition

jessica jung krystal

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where one can celebrate some of the best that social media had to offer the K-Pop world while stuffing one’s faces with Peeps. Also, it was Jessica Jung’s birthday this week, so consider this a belated birthday wish for the Ice Princess of our collective souls. Without further ado, before a diabetic coma sets in:

Dara of 2NE1:

Dara Dara's it all over the place.

Dara ladies and gentlemen.

Jieun of SECRET:

Jieun transfixed by the beauty of Jieun.

Jieun transfixed by the beauty of Jieun.

Clara Lee:

The sheep is pleased.

The sheep is pleased.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

On a motherfuckin boat.

On a motherfuckin boat.

Taeyeon of SNSD:

Picture perfect view.

Picture perfect view.

Jooyeon of After School:

Casually killing the internetz.

Casually killing the internetz.

Fei of miss A:



Hyuna of 4Minute/Troublemaker:

Cuter than an Easter bunny.

Cuter than an Easter bunny.

Until next week, enjoy the rest of your Easter/Sunday/weekend y’all.



  1. That’s quite a different looking Hyuna there. Reminds me that behind all the thick makeup and provocative dance moves, there’s a very cheeky and petulant young girl at heart.

  2. CosmicThing2 · · Reply

    Not gonna lie, just found your website. Don’t think I’m ever going to leave now… I’m too mesmerized by these girls and too obsessed with kpop 🙂

    1. Haha cool! Enjoy your stay and thanks for reading.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Jung sis wins this. Mostly Jessica though. It probably would have been closer if Dahye was around.

    1. Dahye needs to pick her game up.

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