SNSD’s Sunny Thinks Hyoyeon Would be Great in a Musical (no, really)


Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Sunny recently lent her voice to ‘Rio 2’, presumably because she can sing and also sound like a cartoon character when she needs to, and SNSD’s resident aegyo master gave her views on what hidden talents her fellow members had.

Oddly enough, Sunny mentioned that Hyoyeon would be a good choice for a musical:

When asked if there are members who still haven’t had the chance to show their talents, Sunny replied, “I think Hyoyeon would really do well in a musical. I think that she’s perfect especially for a dance musical.”

Now, out of everyone in the group, Hyoyeon has the reputation for being the best dancer and the girl can bust a move when given her approximate 3 seconds of spotlight per song. From that perspective, it’s easy to see where Sunny is coming from. But being able to dance well is about half the battle with the other half usually reserved for singing, a skill which SNSD tries to shield Hyoyeon away from showing most of the time (I’m not sure who gets less lines per single: Hyoyeon, Yuri or Sooyoung). If Hyoyeon can actually sing then SM Entertainment has done a better job keeping that talent hidden than they have kept SNSD dating habits out of the news cycle.

But then again, Sunny’s talent evaluation of Yoona is pretty spot on so she probably knows what she’s talking about:

Sunny went on, “As for YoonA, I think she would be great dubbing a child character. She has a special way of doing aegyo. Hmm, now that I think about it, she would do really well.” Sunny laughed a little as she said, “Please recommend her.”

Maybe a Hyoyeon musical could work. Her singing isn’t special but her dance moves can be described as precise and fierce, just the sort of dynamism that would work great in a more action-packed musical (hard to see Hyoyeon doing something like Legally Blonde).

If there’s ever something like a Wonder Woman musical though, Hyoyeon should be the first one called. Rumor has it she can throw a pretty good punch.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Hey there’s Sunny. Have you forgot to wish someone Happy Birthday? This should be a thing around here: Jessica Birthday Post.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Actually, I love the sound of Hyo’s voice. It’s deep and smoky and sexy. Yeah, she doesn’t have a lot of range or power, but check out the little number she and Yuri and some guy did on the IGAB showcase. I think she can hold her own.

  3. therealcz · · Reply

    Hyoyeon’s voice gives people ear cancer. That’s why doctors told SM that listeners can only stomach 3 seconds of Hyoyeon per song for the health of the masses.

    1. Yup, still leaning towards this opinion being the more accurate one.

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