Waifu Wednesday: Dahye

dahye bestie rawr

Song Da Hye (better known as Dahye) is a South Korean idol. She is best known for being the main rapper and a vocalist in K-Pop group BESTie.

Um, yeah that’s pretty much it. I could wax poetic about how Dahye is pretty much perfect, especially now that BESTie has had her shed the Raggedy Ann red hair for a more natural brown color. That may seem a tad harsh as even with red hair, Dahye stood out as immensely pretty. But her current look is stunning, precisely because it seems effortless. She somehow evokes a girl-next-door pretty, if that next door happened to be heaven. Her rapping isn’t special but she’s the first and last thing that one remembers about BESTie’s performances. She’s so unfair as an example of the human species that writing this feels like a cop-out. There’s nothing that needs to be said. We’re right back to the start of this paragraph. Dahye is perfection writ human.


Dahye is so perfect that to be “more than perfect” is defined as Dahye-ian.

Example: Those jeans are Dahye-ian.

Example: Those jeans are Dahye-ian.

Dahye’s beauty brings reality to its knees.

Presented without comment.

Presented without comment.

Dahye is so cute that puppies share youtube videos of her.

The closer.

The closer.

Dahye could sell garbage to Oscar the Grouch.

Not sure about that aluminum foil dress.

Not sure about that aluminum foil dress.

Dahye is already the Best Thing about 2014.

BESTie should just exist FOR Dahye.

BESTie should just exist FOR Dahye.

Dahye brings more heat than the Human Torch.

That'll do.

That’ll do.


Raptor spaz



  1. Beside Uji, she is really the one that stood out in any Bestie’s performance. Please, make Uji a waifu wednesday.

    1. That one is also going to inevitably happen.

  2. Dahye does stand out. I’d like to think she’s one of the main reasons why the 3 other EXID cast-offs are doing as well as they are with BESTie. Also, apparently only in Korea, where it’s acceptable to take a photo with your tongue sticking through a V…

    1. It’s not only accepted it is highly recommended if it serves to empathize on your perfect v-line

  3. She’s already one of my favorites.

    Fiddle.se has practically become a Dahye fansite lately. Tons of pictures there:


    1. Lots of Dahye, Woohee and Yura content lately. Not that I’m complaining lol.

      1. Definitely not, though I miss the deluge of Hyosung posts there.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Good god what a beauty. In the first pic she is stunning. Fake redheads are the bestie anyway.

  5. Buck - nasty · · Reply

    Dahye is currently my my favorite Korean idol as well. My retinas burn after looking at pictures, kind of like if u stared at the sun. And uji is a close second, but she needs to stick with the black hair like in love options. Part of what makes these Korean idols so gorgeous (my personal opinion) is the dark hair against Snow White skin. Really shows off the striking features they own. But yeah Uji in love options = 11/10 in ‘thank u very much’ 8-9/10

  6. Thank U Very Much for Dahye. She’s one of my top 5 favorite idols along with NaLiz, Seolhyun and Woohee.

  7. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Boy, this is one that wasn’t even on my radar. I don’t really like what they have put out so I haven’t paid much attention to them. But she is definitely waifu worthy. Nice work!

    1. Caught onto the Dahye wave this year myself. Don’t see myself leaving this bandwagon anytime soon.

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