KARA to hold reality show to choose two new members


In what seems like one last attempt to suck as much money out of the brand name as possible, KARA plans to hold  an “audtion-style documentary program” also known as a “reality TV show” in order to choose two new members to take the place of Nicole and Jiyoung in the group.

Per allkpop, who claims to have somehow gotten an “exclusive” on this:

According to our sources, the television program – set to air soon through MBC Music – will feature an intimate look at the KARA hopefuls and the arduous process behind selecting two new members to fill the holes of one of Korea’s most famous girl groups.

Showcasing the personal lives of the potential members as well as KARA themselves, the show will combine the best elements of traditional audition programs with the pathos of documentary film-making.

There’s no timeline for this yet (if it’s true) but DSP has previously stated that the three remaining members of KARA would use the first half of the year to focus on individual activities before returning as a group to work on an album in the second half. So, this may be done before the album work begins (of course, it would really be something if the audition process included doing actual vocal work on the album).

While I’m not exactly sure what “traditional audition programs” look like, the combination of that and the documentary style makes me hope that the  contestants have to go through some crazy reality TV stuff. This needs to be some The Real World meets The Voice shit where contestants live in the dorms with KARA while Gyuri bosses/intimidates them all for weeks on end with the winner being the one person who swears the greatest fealty to the One True Goddess.



  1. If this works it could be genius. Pray for Kara.

  2. I hope this works but I’m not too sure…

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