Review: NS Yoon-G Delivers with the Original “Yasisi” MV That Everyone Was Promised

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I had originally decided to skip a review of NS Yoon-G’s “Yasisi” because there wasn’t much interesting to say about it. Now that Yoon-G has released a second “original” verison, the both of them warrant some discussion. As such, this review will take on a slightly different format than how things are usually done.

When NS Yoon-G first released her “Yasisi” music video, it registered a very solid “meh”. The song was good but the lack of steaminess in the video (especially compared to the trailer) made the whole thing feel rather flat. Yoon-G brings a nice husky delivery to the vocals and a saxophone and thumping bass have to work very hard to not sound damn sexy in a pop song. The breakdown is an embarrassing caricature of embarrassing nineties hip-pop but the acoustic guitar and sax at the end largely save “Yasisi” from its worst moments.

A good video to accompany it would have earned “Yasisi” high marks. What actually was released felt like a let down. The video was largely just solo shots of NS Yoon-G’s face and choreography shots, none of which screamed hot if not for the fact that NS Yoon-G in skin tight clothing is pretty much heat personified.  Where “Yasisi” essentially went wrong was that it had a scorching fire, took a clinical picture of it and assumed that the photograph would emanate heat.

“Yasisi” ended up being mostly good mood music and lighting with the actual payoff being like a first date that didn’t quite hit it off: sure it was pleasant enough but it wouldn’t kill either party if neither asked for a second meet up.

Luckily for everyone, NS Yoon-G has now released another version of “Yasisi”, this one being the called the original version which makes it seem like this was the version that was planned for release until someone in the decision-making process got cold-feet and re-edited it into something completely forgettable. After viewing it, the original version of “Yasisi” proves that the first instinct is usually the right one.

So… much… everything. Gone are the excessive close-ups of Yoon-G’s face that made it look like the video was filmed in a one bed room studio . Gone are some of the plentiful choreography shots that were statically filmed anyways.  In it’s place? What’s in its place makes me no good with words.

So refreshing.

So refreshing.

OG style.

OG style.

i just...

i just…

Is it a little gratuitous? Maybe. Is being a little gratuitous preferable than being slight of impact? Most probably. Like with everything, there are limits. With “Yasisi” being a sexy concept and nothing else, watering down the sexiness of the video only serves to make the project bland. The second version ups the ante but it also has a wider variety of shots (mostly just the bed in the beginning but that counts for a lot here) and a more varied outfit selection (the black leotard and Yoon-G’s jeans makes a more prominent appearance in the “original” version). Hell, sexiness even serves the story better as the bed shots in the “original version” help highlight how the poor guy/voyeur in the video who tags along with NS Yoon-G like a lost puppy was with her all day whereas the timeline of the first released version doesn’t make it as clear.

The problem with the first video is that when the decision is made to do a sexy concept, hindering the sexiness only hurts all of the planning that originally went into it; from the actual choice of song, to the marketing of the concept, to wasted film footage and editing time (in hindsight, the first released version clearly struggled gathering enough varied materials to last the full three and a half minutes), to the expectations that are set from the start. If the two videos are nothing else, it’s a nice visual case study of how editing and direction matter in these music videos. Same girl, same outfits and same song but fairly different impressions. With “Yasisi”, if the second video released was meant to be the original version, then first time’s a charm.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I’m too lazy to look – has she been waifued yet?

    And I’m still waiting to hear your thoughts on Hair Short by Wings. It’s been out a month now and I’m still obsessed with it,

    1. Yeah, she was waifued recently.

      1. It was an easy WW to write to say the least.

  2. The biggest problem with the first MV was the ugly leotard.

    1. It’s still there in the original version but there’s less of it I think.

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