Waifu Wednesday: E-Young

e-young cover after school

Noh Lee Young (better known by her stage name E-Young) is a South Koran idol singer, dancer, composer and musician. If that sounds like an unfairly hot combo, it’s because it is one.

E-Young is one of the more underrated K-Pop idols in a group that isn’t insanely popular to begin with. When an act already has Nana, Lizzy and even Jooyeon, it can be easy to get lost in the heat of it all. However, E-Young shouldn’t get lumped in with the countless hordes of pretty filler in K-Pop. She composes music, plays guitar, bass, drums, piano, flute and cello. She could be her own damn band if she wanted:

Hell, the girl holds her own cooking show with Kaeun as well:

She’s also a good singer and dancer. There’s also the whole very pretty thing. Add all of those attributes up and you have about a E-Young, the Most Interesting Idol in the World.


E-Young is a prettier sight than ice water in a desert.

Of course, she's so hot she may cause said water to evaporate

Of course, she’s so hot she may cause said water to evaporate

E-Young is so talented that she knows fifty languages that haven’t even been invented yet.

Also a reason why new words need to be invented to describe her.

Also a reason why new words need to be invented to describe her.

E-Young can do more with a smile than a poet can do with a lifetime of words.

She could also probably beat me up.

She could also probably beat me up.

E-Young’s sexiness can be felt from space.

The dream. It is real.

The dream. It is real.

E-Young makes the most advanced astrophysics look basic.

Everything about this is right.

Everything about this is right.


cheering fan boying spazz




  1. That “ice water in a desert” photo is Kaeun – not that I’m complaining.


    1. D’oh not sure how that happened. Mixed up in my folders. Edited.

  2. I didn’t see this Waifu Wednesday coming, but thanks! Wow, had no clue E-Young is so musically talented. .
    I always feel bad for After School because they obviously work their tight little butts off, but haven’t enjoyed the success one would expect from a group that’s been around for as long as they have. IMO, After School has an identity problem; as 8 dancers who can carry a tune (exemplified by the awful ‘Shh’ MV), versus 8 beautiful and talented ladies who can also dance well.
    My favourite After School song is neither a single nor involves any (pole) dancing, but a beautiful duet ‘Timeless’ by their 2 Main Vocalists, Jungah and Raina. It’s a crime this track is buried and not given any exposure. Go listen if you have not heard this before:

    Also, Jungah called and said that as an original member of the 5-girl group called After School, she deserves a Wednesday slot too 🙂

    1. Haha, yeah Jungah will get one no doubt. I’ve always been a little surprised that After School hasn’t been able to get the kind of success that other groups have gotten. They have two of the more active idols in terms of public visibility in UEE and Nana and they come correct with their concepts for the most part. For me, their best song is “Because of You” which is the type of song that they’ve really strayed from in recent years. To me, it’s their best work and one of my favorite K-Pop songs period.

    2. Yes “Because of You” is pretty good and much better than their recent works. Speaking of Uee and Nana, one would think that paring those 2 with another 2 of their group’s best dancers and vocalists, plus a Brave Brothers song would be a sure-fire success, right?

      Like I said, identity crisis (that plus Uee and Nana are over-rated).

  3. Her talents are wasted in an idol group but if she wasn’t in an idol group we probably wouldn’t know she existed.

    1. The Catch-22 of K-Pop.

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