T-ara’s Jiyeon will cause seizures/nosebleeds with ‘1 Min 1 Sec’ teaser

t-ara jiyeon 1 min 1 sec teaser

In what looks like some K-Pop mashup between Madonna’s “Vogue” and Kanye’s “All of the Lights”, T-ara’s Jiyeon’s video teaser for “1 Min 1 Sec” looks pretty damn good in between all the epilepsy the teaser is sure to cause.

It’s only fifteen seconds, so it’s hard to judge what the track will sound like yet. It’s also kind of hard to see what’s going on as the teaser could generously be described as a flip book moreso than it can be called a video teaser. Between this and the “Day by Day” video (which must have violated some statutes of the Geneva Conventions), one has to wonder if Core Contents Media has stock in seizure wards or something.

Of course, what can be seen in between all the schizophrenic editing is very nice and sexy (dat belly) but it also clashes with the teaser photo which looks like a creepy American Apparel ad for dancing shoes. WHICH IS IT CCM?

All of these pressing questions will be answered on April 30th, when it turns out that none of these teasers were close to accurate anyways.


One comment

  1. 1 That pic! The top is adorable cuteness, the bottom part: hot damn!
    2 Nice of you to mention Day By Day. That was when Jiyeon made bullying sexy.
    3 Don’t know if the girl can sing, but nobodys perfect?

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