Park Gyuri Holds Her Own Fan Meeting in Brazil because That’s What a Goddess Does

park gyuri goddess kara

Although KARA looks to be heading into the homestretch of their careers, there’s no such thing as retirement for a goddess and Park Gyuri is proving that she has legions of followers everywhere.

Recently, the Goddess of No Bullshit traveled to Brazil and announced that she would hold her own fan meeting that she would organize. Gyuri even feigned modesty by being worried that acolytes would not come to her meeting due to the fact that Brazil isn’t exactly Korea or Japan.

While she is the leader of Kara, a group extremely popular in both Korea and Japan, the surprise fan meeting was to be held halfway across the world in Brazil, and Gyuri’s nervousness showed in her Twitter post: “We’ll be seeing each other at three, right:? You’ll come, won’t you?”

Of course, the event was a success because it’s Gyuri and the woman could marshal armies to do her bidding with a quick glare. Getting legions of followers to meet her in Brazil is just another day’s work.

KARA’s lineup may come and go but Gyuri is forever.



  1. Friendlykamilia · · Reply

    Go Goddess! Gyuri for life, and Kara for life!

  2. That’s awesome.

    1. She even performed with some of her fans:

      1. I love her even more now. She could kickstarter her own KARA and I’d stan the shit out of it.

  3. They should have had her in charge of contract negotiations…

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