Kang Jiyoung officially ends contract with KARA, Nicole Jung officially still kicking ass


This has been expected for the past couple of days but today DSP Media announced that they couldn’t successfully beg Jiyoung to stay Jiyoung’s contract with the agency has expired.

Jiyoung will now head to London to take language and acting lessons:

“Hello, this is DSP Media. 

After Jiyoung revealed her intent to study abroad in January, she had been on a break and had been preparing to study abroad, and has now departed for London on Friday morning to take language and acting classes.

With this, Jiyoung’s contract with DSP Media has expired. 

We respect Jiyoung’s wishes to stand on her own and we send our support and encouragement for her new challenge.

In the meantime, KARA‘s Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara are focusing on their individual activities in various broadcasting fields like acting, variety, and emceeing, and are planning to release an album later this year. 

We ask that you give the KARA members, who are carrying out a variety of activities, as well as Jiyoung your unchanging support and love.”

The future plans for KARA aren’t new but it does seem that DSP Media is willing to let the group continue as a trio if it comes to that. It’s all a bit sad that KARA will probably go out with a whimper instead of a bang but one way or another all good things must come to an end sometimes.

On a more positive note, Jiyoung’s fellow ex-KARA mate Nicole is keeping her dancing skills sharp States-side so even if the fates are cruel and there’s no solo debut for her (as has been rumored), there’s still these to warm the hearts of all those that miss what was one of KARA’s best, erhm, assets:

happy song !!! love on TOP with @luamky

A post shared by 니콜 ニコル (@nicole__jung) on


A post shared by 니콜 ニコル (@nicole__jung) on


A post shared by 니콜 ニコル (@nicole__jung) on

If there is justice in this world, Nicole Jung will get all the debuts and all the screen time. All of it.



  1. I hope Nicole gets an honest shot at a solo career.

    But I get the feeling that there are a bunch of industry people who will try to sabotage her because they think of her as the ringleader behind that Kara lawsuit.

    1. Yeah, I’m just not sure what kind of interest there would be for a Nicole solo career. KARA’s popularity definitely isn’t what it used to be and even though I love her previous solo effort, I’m just not sure what the market is for her right now.

  2. I LOVE LUAM!!!! She is a beast dancer. Nicole will be picking up some awesome moves!

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