Man Candy Mondays: Jaejoong

jaejoong cover

After a hiatus, Man Candy Mondays is back. Let the thirst/spazzing commence.

Kim Jaejoong (aka Jaejoong, aka Hero Jaejoong, aka Jejung) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, model, actor and director. He is best known for being a member of K-Pop group JYJ and for being a former member of TVXQ. He’s also a solo artist, as if anyone doubted his pop idol credentials beforehand.

Jaejoong started his life as a bit of a self-starter and his dabbling into nearly every field accessible to a pop star seems to indicate that that quality has served him well in life. Upon arriving in Seoul as a teen, he took on various odd jobs to help make ends meet. He was also tone-deaf and he took to practicing by himself to get better, a skill which would pay off in spades when he would join K-Pop wrecking ball crew TVXQ and then JYJ.

Aside from being talented enough to go from “kid that couldn’t hold a note” to one of the most famous K-Pop singers of his time who also branched out (successfully!) into acting, composing and stage direction, Jaejoong also has the good fortune of being handsome in that “distinct” variety that is usually saved for high fashion. His eyes are striking, severe and set a little wide. Add in all the talent and man candy almost doesn’t do him justice. Almost.


Jaejoong is so handsome that when he gazes at the sky, the clouds weep tears of joy.

Twilight chic (in the good way)

Twilight chic (in the good way)

Jaejoong’s wide variety of talents are the basis for the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World.

Now appearing out of thin air.

Now appearing out of thin air.

Jaejoong’s stare causes more heart-stoppage than McDonald’s.

Less said about the tats in this one, the better though.

Less said about the tats in this one, the better though.

Jaejoong’s voice is so heavenly, it’s God’s ringtone.

Also, the key to unlocking heaven's gates.

Also, the key to unlocking heaven’s gates.

Jaejoong is so cute that he upstages puppies on the regular.

All together now: "D'awwwwww."

All together now: “D’awwwwww.”

Miracles exist and it’s called Jaejoong.

Game. Set. Match.

Game. Set. Match.


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  1. i’m surprised you never done him as man candy before :ooo

    i like him better when he’s in TVXQ tho. everything’s changed and i just couldn’t pinpoint whether it’s for better or worse. his works are still enjoyable tho

  2. ladyvai · · Reply

    Glad you took the suggestion! No kpop man candy list is complete without Jaejoong~

    You could maybe do Rain for the future? Even Megan Fox recognizes his charm! (or at least his abs)

  3. His face is so pretty! But his thin frame kinda scares me.

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