Selca Sunday Packs a Metric Ton of Cute

The Feithful are rewarded.

The Feithful are rewarded.

Welcome back to another edition of Selca Sunday, where the highlights of K-Pop social media are compiled for general worship. This week, Fei’s back so this is already one for the ages. Without further ado:

Nicole Jung of ???:

That brunch doe.

That brunch doe.

Hyeri of Girl’s Day:



Jieun of SECRET:

SECRET comeback soon plz.

SECRET comeback soon plz.

Suzy of miss A:

Nation's Goddess.

Nation’s Goddess.

Gyuri of KARA:



Kahi, Master of the Universe:

Long live Kween Kahi.

Long live Kween Kahi.

Minah of Girl’s Day:

Everyday's a Girl's Day.

Everyday’s a Girl’s Day.

Dahye of BESTie:

Dahye is cleaning house on selca-verse.

Dahye is cleaning house on selca-verse.

Taeyeon of SNSD:

Wrecking crew is here.

Wrecking crew is here.

Sera of Nine Muses:

Sera slays all.

Sera slays all.

That’ll do till next Sunday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend y’all.



  1. saranghewho · · Reply

    Selca Sunday is an awesome start to a long week. You can’t go wrong with Kpop beauties.
    Thanks for the collection (and hilarious commentary).

    1. Welcome! Thanks for reading the captions, I’m temtped to skip them every now and again because the eye candy can be so… distracting haha.

      1. you should keep commenting! we do enjoy the comments, even as distracting as the eye candy is.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    I watched a show awhile ago where Jieun was “praised” for her “Western” features. Not really sure what they meant by that or something’s changed. I wonder if Taeyeon knows she’s a killing machine? Nice to see miss Jung as well.

    1. Taeyeon is the Terminator.

  3. Wooooot! Now, will there be a man-candy Monday?

  4. looks like Sera and Dahye will be the important one on Selca Sunday. I don’t complaint.

    1. Dahye is coming up fast.

  5. Dahye is stunning.

  6. fei’s outfit is awesome. especially the piano keyboard skirt.

    1. Everything about Fei is awesome (but yes, the keys are a little quirky but cute without being too costume-like).

  7. Dahye Waifu Wednesday detected on the horizon and closing fast, Captain!

    1. It is inevitable at this point.

  8. Hyeri is a cutie, and its nice of her to display shapely leg too.
    Suzy is so freaking effortless.

    1. For real, Suzy doesn’t even have to try. Just makes it all the more devastating.

  9. Kamiliansdontbite · · Reply

    Nicole, Gyuri, and Kahi ❤ memories of Heroes all flowing back. Ah good times.

  10. minah so cute and girl’s day so pretty

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