Gyuri and Seungyeon Celebrate 7th Anniversary of KARA


gyuri seungyeon

With the imminent departure of Jiyoung in April and with Nicole having already said adios, there aren’t many left in KARA to celebrate the group’s seventh anniversary but OG members Gyuri and Seungyeon made sure to thank fans for sticking with the butt-sashaying girls of “Mr.” for a seventh straight year.

Seungyeon thanked fans on her instagram and seemed a bit wistful about the future in her message:

Today is our 7th anniversary. I feel something very overwhelming. I hope you would be with everyone of us for a long time until we get married haha. and thank you for your huge love you’ve shown to us and me. With all my love..

Gyuri, being the goddess of everything that she is, gave her off-hand acknowledgement of the anniversary because a goddess does not get overly excited about anything mortal like the sands of time:

By the way, I am celebrating KARA’s 7th anniversary in Brazil.. Sorry for losing track of time ㅠ I want to thank those who congratulated us like this. Thank you all.

While it’s conceivable that the group could survive another member overhaul, it’s not very likely. The group struck gold when they shed their girl hip-pop image and added Hara and Jiyoung (while subtracting Sunghee) but even those steps could be seen as mistaken successes by DSP Entertainment as the company hasn’t been able to duplicate the success that KARA has enjoyed (and even KARA’s career ran into trouble numerous times, from their rocky commercial debut to the contract lawsuits that rocked the group in 2011).

Also, the last lineup changes happened while KARA was still a relatively young group. It is hard to see how DSP could integrate new members now when members like Gyuri and Seungyeon have already been around for awhile (in K-Pop years). KARA has also only had one major shakeup to its roster and the quintet version lasted almost six years which will make any changes slightly more jarring than some other groups that appear to want to rely more on the “brand” of the group rather than the personalities of the individual idols (After School, T-ara, Jewelry, Nine Muses).

Officially, the plan is for the three remaining members to do individual activities for the first half of the year and have the group do an album in the second half. There hasn’t been much to indicate that the group will add new members.

KARA will always hold a special place in the black pit that is called my heart for being the group that sent me over into the K-Pop abyss (and they hold the distinction of being the first group to be have every member featured in Waifu Wednesday) so hopefully they’ll be around for a little while longer, even if it’s only Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara shaking their hips to ‘STEP’.



  1. Nice analysis ! I hope KARA will be able to salvage what they can.
    (There are rumours that Fei might be appearing on some kind of WGM)

    1. I wid watch every second and experience so much envy I’ll turn into the the Green Slug.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Only two members left to complete the SNSD series. I must admit I’m a little put off by this all KARA are WW news. Ah, but they are your first so I guess its alright. I won’t give up though. Get it done. Do it for the children?

    1. All of SNSD don’t deserve WW though… (-_- )

      1. And here…. we…. go.

      2. black soshi · ·

        Sunny’s huge tracts of land? And Sooyoung’s um…face? I’m pretty sure you’d bang the living hell out of them.

    2. Get in line. Boram > All of SNSD.. (。◕‿◕。)

      1. I think you just gave me an aneurysm.

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