Waifu Wednesday: NS Yoon-G

ns yoon g ceci

NS Yoon-G (aka Kim Yoonji, aka Christine Kim) is a South Korean pop singer. She is also stupidly hot. Like, dumbfoundingly so.

Sometimes, an idea is more or less gift-wrapped from the heavens above. Considering that this Waifu Wednesday coincides nicely with NS Yoon-G’s teaser for her latest single “Yasisi”, it made this week’s edition somewhat of a no-brainer:

She is not the best of singers and while that could be a problem when you’re a solo act, NS Yoon-G more than gets by with her, uh, considerable stage presence and perfect photoshoots (or whatever other charitable way I can say that she’s hot and that’s kind of the point in this case). As a fun bit of trivia, her cousin is Kang Ji-Young (formerly of KARA) which means that there’s one family which contains an unfair amount of the “pretty” gene. Yes, life is inherently unfair but as NS Yoon-G proves, that’s not always a bad thing.


NS Yoon-G is so hot that stars seek shade from her:



NS Yoon-G’s selcas put professional photographers to shame.

Frame it. The Louvre. Now.

Frame it. The Louvre. Now.

The existence of NS Yoon-G has required the creation of a new word to describe a being that gods and goddesses worship.

Heaven blesses some, she blesses heaven.

Heaven blesses some, she blesses heaven.

NS Yoon-G could somehow make wearing a garbage bag sexy.

Oh yeah, she sings and stuff.

Oh yeah, she sings and stuff.

NS Yoon-G is the eight wonder of the universe.

Good, good lawd.

Good, good lawd.

NS Yoon-G’s body is the muse of humanity’s ingenuity.

Her comeback is more like the Second Coming.

Her comeback is more like the Second Coming.

NS Yoon-G is a more welcomed sight than land after a shipwreck.

This is the hng's hng.

This is the hng’s hng.





  1. Excellent choice. Hadn’t realized that she wasn’t featured on Waifu Wednesday yet. The Yasisi teaser is HNNNNG good.

    1. Yoon-G is Doing It Right.

  2. ladyvai · · Reply

    This is Vai, I decided to make an account here…
    I appreciate that it must take a lot of work for Man Candy Mondays, I could offer my services as a recommender (I would always justify my choices)
    I looked through your past archive and while some groups are very well represented (Big Bang, 2PM), there are some rather glaring holes of people who show up sooner or later in every discussion of guys in kpop.
    The one that stood out the most to me at first glance is Kim Jaejoong aka the first crush of many a teenage girl.
    Also, as a request for Waifu Wednesday…the Crayon Pop twins? I wouldn’t torture you by asking for one of them!

    1. Will keep in mind. MCM will return.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Damn lucky Stratocaster

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