BoA’s American flop, erhm, film debut to come April 18th

Make_Move_itunes_Movie_PackConsidering how well BoA’s American music career went, the singer’s American film debut Make Your Move looks to be about par for the course.

Ostensibly written and produced with BoA in mind for the lead part, Make Your Move appears to be a movie about two dancers who fall in love against all odds by dancing their way into the hearts and minds of their adversaries, friends, families and film audiences world- yeah it looks and sounds crushingly mundane is what I’m getting at:

Also, I guess BoA is Japanese for… reasons? The choreographer flew out to see BoA in Japan and wanted to use dance moves inspired by traditional Japanese drumming so that could account for the discrepancy but it is about the only thing which stood out in a trailer which could have been for just about every other dance-based movie made in the Step Up factory of VOD.

Of course, BoA can dance with the best of entertainers and these movies are largely just an excuse for giant dance sequences but if one wants to see that without all the bad acting and horrible movie love cliches, one can just watch a BoA music video (she even has American releases guyz!).

Save the Last Dance: BoA Edition is set to be released on April 18th in America. It will debut on April 17th in Korea, one week after Captain America: Winter Soldier will debut there and one week before Amazing Spider-Man 2. In other words, I’m not expecting a runaway hit or sequel in the works either here or abroad. Don’t tell Soompi though.



  1. I am not optimistic that this would be any different from the rest. Was watching the trailer as a background activity the other day and totally didn’t realise that it was BOA.
    Not that it’d matter since I don’t know why they keep making these dance movies with forgettable plots and acting (Step 5 is coming, good grief). You’d end up just waiting for, or fast forwarding to, the dance bits.
    Now if you enjoy dancing movies, you owe it to yourself to rent and watch the critically acclaimed ‘Planet B-Boy’. The awesome b-boying is only surpassed by the excellent story telling. It’s a documentary based on real people after all, not some cliche ‘privileged girl meets bad boy from the hood and pair up to win some dance competition’ drivel.

    1. Co-signed. Planet B-boy is pretty awesome.

    2. Yeah, I think you did a good job of summing up how I feel about dance movies. Easy pass for me.

  2. This isn’t going to be a good movie…its just another cheesy B-Movie dance movie, you cut out the love story and the iconic rivalry then it would be a good movie.

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