Crayon Pop to Open for Lady Gaga’s “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball” Which Improbably Makes Sense


Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert tour “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball” will include a decidedly simpler and less pompous sounding act: Crayon Pop.

Lady Gaga tweeted that Crayon Pop will tour with her for her upcoming tour dates in America and Canada:

There’s some similarity between Gaga and Crayon Pop which makes this less random than it would seem otherwise. Both acts subvert their particular genres through dress and song (granted, Crayon Pop’s outfits probably cost less than one of Gaga’s eyelashes) and there is an idiosyncratic element to Gaga at her best and Crayon Pop which makes them somewhat of international kindred spirits.

Of course, the joy of Gaga has been off lately (Artpop lumbers around like an overweight, groaning traveling carnival) as she tries to navigate the perilous road from knowingly cheeky pop music rogue to prominent pop icon (it’s hard to go from poking fun at an industry to trying to headline it without bumps along the way).

The joy of Crayon Pop – from the bare bone but imminently danceable beats to easily sung hooks to quirky but simple outfits – kind of work as a distilled version of the better side of Lady Gaga. So, the two acts coming together, bike helmets and meat dresses and all, isn’t out of left field.

Lastly, the mind can’t help but think of a potential collaboration between the two acts. There’s a remix of “Applause” that works “Bar Bar Bar” into it somewhere. Hopefully, this won’t end with Crayon Pop hopping around on their pogo sticks while vomiting neon green liquid all over Gaga though.



  1. “There’s some similarity between Gaga and Crayon Pop” — oh hell, no.
    While I’m happy for the exposure that Crayon Pop will get (just that twitter post alone must have increased their YouTube views), I rather not see my favourite 5 delinquents be associated with Lady Gaga. Starting humming to her early tunes but I’ve since grown to dislike almost everything else about her. That ‘vomit painter’ is a typical Lady Gaga stunt, which is scrapping the bottom of the depravity barrel. I just cannot imagine anyone enjoying something like that to also enjoy the innocent irrelevance of ‘Bar Bar Bar’. WTF, Chrome & Sony Music?!

    1. Agree to disagree on this one. i can see the train of thought that goes from Gaga to Crayon Pop and as someone who enjoys what each tries to do in relation to their respective genres (Gaga tests the boundaries of taste while Crayon Pop defies conventions in unexpected ways), I see a worthwhile effort of a partnership.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    So I looked into getting tickets for the Atlantic City show. Over $900 for two in the second section away from the stage. I like Gaga and I love CP, but come on. How do people afford to fill these places at those prices?

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