Waifu Wednesday: Lim Kim

lim kim esquire

Lim Ye-rim (also known as Lim Kim) is a South Korean solo singer and member of band/duo Togeworl.

Lim Kim was born in South Korea but got her start in K-Pop through the New York auditions for singing  competition Superstar K3 in Korea.  She asked fellow student Do Dae-yoon to accompany her on the guitar, and while the two didn’t know each other well, they did well enough to pass their audition and finish third in the competition itself behind Ulala Session and Busker Busker. The duo known as Togeworl fell through and Lim Kim debuted as a solo artist.

The results may have been unintended but they sure don’t look like it. Kim’s vocal stylings may be a bit airy and err on the side of “whimsical indie folk” but it’s also a voice which, given the right song and setting, can shine. There is an individualism streak to what Kim does that would stand out too much in a group setting but works wonders when it’s just her on stage. She’s also incredibly pretty so it’s not like the eyes would want to be fixed on anything but her anyways. So, there’s that.


Lim Kim is so pretty that skylines write poetry about her.



Lim Kim’s voice is so soothing that it hypnotizes snake charmers.

Hotter than hell's furnace.

Hotter than hell’s furnace.

Lim Kim’s is the My Little Indie Dream sprung to life.

Almost too cute actually.

Almost too cute actually.

Lim Kim could brighten a black hole with a smile.



The amount of beauty that exudes from Lim Kim expands whole worlds.

Selca ownage.

Selca ownage.

The solo stage is almost not big enough for Lim Kim herself.




fangirling despicable me



  1. To my knowledge, Togeworl still exists. They released a single recently.

    1. Huh, been out of the loop on that end.

      1. thanks for this, it’s almost exactly what I thought it would be.

  2. Why do you keep ignoring Seolhyun? She would have been featured on Waifu Wednesday a long time ago.

    1. I meant “should have been'”.

      1. Gotta keep an “oh shit I can’t think of anyone let’s go with an obvious fave” in the bag for a week where I have writer’s block. Also, Seolhyun ain’t getting hers until Choa does first. Yuna and Choa AOA supremacy.

  3. ……..why?

    anyway, that was a fresh air that you put solo artist into Waifu Wednesday, lol

    Can you write articles about Crayon Pop comeback?

    1. Errm… because she’s pretty (and Goodbye 20 is pretty awesome)?
      I’m looking forward to Crayon Pop’s Apr comeback too but there’s really nothing much to write about, not even a video teaser. A search for recent Crayon Pop videos on YouTube returns the following.

      1. i’ve seen all right, and the song nor video didn’t leave many impression on me (or.. should i say her debut is all right? LOL) so i don’t bother open her another video though.

        And yes, much more like other Waifu Wednesday, i’m sometimes questioning his choice but the more i look at it the more i’m attracted to them. This one’s too.

        I bet the baby will be the 6th Crayon Pop member on China promotion.

      2. I just checked out Lim Kim’s full ‘Goodbye 20’ album and am so glad that I did. If you’re in the mood for something more pensive, there are so many great tracks on that album which make for very easy listening, particularly on a wet and lazy weekend afternoon. You might have heard ‘All Right’ and ‘Voice’ already but check out ‘Without Knowing It All’, ‘Urban Green’ & ‘Rain’. So good.

      3. Will do. Dang that’s an album review that I probably slept on and should have done when it was released.

    2. Head over to Asian Junkie. Yellow Slug also writes for that site and there are loads of Crayon Pop posts

      1. Very true, I just haven’t written on Crayon Pop yet due to time/their teasing of the concept hasn’t been very substantial yet outside of “here are our latest outfits” (Ok, opening for Lady Gaga is something, gonna have to see what’s up there).

    3. I plan to keep up with Crayon Pop this time around, so yes.

  4. You continue to have flawless taste! Lim Kim, in addition to being amazingly talented, is a breathtaking sight to behold.

    PS No Man Candy Monday for the past few weeks?

    1. Yeah, been a little busy and those were always (somehow) the more time intensive weekly posts for me. If you have any suggestions i’ll be more than happy to get those going though.

  5. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Perfect choice! I love everything about this girl – her voice, her song choices, her looks, and her adorable English. She’s wonderful, and definitely waifu-worthy.

    Once again, you hit it out of the park!

  6. I like your post♥

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