Waifu Wednesday: Sungah

sunga nine muses

Son Sungah is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a member of impossibly hot girl group Nine Muses.

It’s strange because as much as Sungah seems to just blend into the general model sexiness of Nine Muses, she probably wouldn’t stand out as well in any other group. In another group, her average singing skills and good looks wouldn’t get much of a second thought. In Nine Muses, where most of the group could say the same, Sungah acts as a multiplier, making her and the girls around her exponentially hotter through her mere presence. How can one who doesn’t stand out in her own group help it shine so much? Doesn’t that defy logic? Yeah. So does Sungah.


Sungah is so beautiful that the air she breathes gets modeling contracts.

Dat smile though.

Dat smile though.

Sungah’s sexiness is about as comprehensible as dubstep.

More like Suhhhnnnnnggah, amirite?

More like Suhhhnnnnnggah, amirite?

Sungah can lift spirits with a glance.

And resurrect with a heart.

And resurrect with a heart.

Sungah is a wish made of the dreams of angels and unicorns.



Sungah is so right that there’s no left to speak of.

Melting like butter on the sun.

Melting like butter on the sun.

Sungah’s perfection is only rivaled by the roundness of a circle.




The translated version for me




  1. Are you gonna review OC’s single Catallena?

    1. It will be up tomorrow, promise.

  2. Totally agree that Sungah is a multiplier https://twitter.com/9muses_/status/433057563697881089/photo/1 .
    Yes, Sungah doesn’t exactly stand out but I personally think she’s got one of the best figures on the ladies. Kudos to her and her stylist (and surgeon?) for vastly improving her look. There are videos of her pre-debut days on YouTube where she looks exceedingly ordinary.
    Also, not sure where the lady in the last bonus gift is actually Sungah with Kyungri. Here’s one for you though: http://25.media.tumblr.com/a9f1d974e6eb412003980349c87ceb0d/tumblr_mizi5gTgzZ1qk12q0o1_1280.jpg

  3. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Damn. I keep thinking you are just doing 9Muses members to get to all of them, but she is more than worthy.

    How do they keep coming up with these women? It just doesn’t seem right that such a small country keeps producing all of these uncommonly beautiful creatures. Is there a factory?

    1. Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Did Yellowslug actually go through all 9 Muses like he said he would? Because it seems that way to me. A bit saddened that there will be no more Namyu on WW, but I have to commend him on completing such a feat (which I remember him mentioning in an article somewhere) and for being such an awesome Mine.

      Anyway dat Sungah doe. She has a body that every idol should be dreaming of (except maybe Hyosung, who is in another league of her own) and I love her lesbian quirks with Hyuna.

      1. Buck nasty · ·

        Guy doesn’t know his muses that’s kyungri getting freaky with sungah

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    That cover photo is simply beyond words

    Was a bit in the background for “Wild” but her performance in “Gun” was infinitely slay-tastic.

  5. Stan Ha · · Reply

    hot damn she is fine

  6. Do you know where you got the gif with kyungri? Is it from an episode or performance?

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