Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” Featuring CL and G-Dragon is… Everything You Probably Imagined It Would Be


Take one of the most visible purveyors of the wubwubwub genre that supposedly passes for music these days and add two of K-Pop’s most well-known lovers of anything “edgy” and loud.

The results?

The words spectacle, clusterfuck and cacophony spring to mind but when it comes to Skrillex, G-Dragon, CL and Diplo, I’m not sure if they’d have it any other way:

It’s been mentioned since a while back that Skrillex, Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL were working on a project together, and it seems we now get a first listen at this collaboration through Skrillex’s mobile game app ‘Alien Ride’.

To announce his upcoming album, Skrillex has launched the mobile game app ‘Alien Ride’, through which you can unlock various streams of his new songs as you play.

One of these songs is “Dirty Vibe” with the raps of G-Dragon and CL, so give it a listen below! What do you think about the track?

It’s hard to say what the most annoying part of “Dirty Vibe” is. Is it the dumb processing laid out over the vocals to make the lyrics seem dangerous instead of silly? Is it the beat that is so aggressively rabid that it becomes hard to remember if one’s listening to a song or a blender? CL and G-Dragon fronting badassery? It’s like someone parodied the worst tendencies of each artist (specifically, confusing “confrontational and stylistically unconventional” with “forward thinking and good”) and then accidentally uploaded this as a serious track.

It’s the Jeremy Scott of music.

How does one not laugh at the sound of G-Dragon spitting hot fire like “G to the D motherfucker”? I suppose CL does a bit better as it’s hard to hate on a Prince reference that includes a Jheri curl line but then again, maybe I’m just getting too old for this shit.




  1. Gosh, that was awful. My age is showing.
    Also, came here for the K-Pop, stayed for the vocabulary lesson.

    1.a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.
    "a cacophony of deafening alarm bells"
    synonyms: din, racket, noise, discord, dissonance, discordance, caterwauling, raucousness, screeching, jarring, stridency, grating, rasping

    Yup, “Dirty Vibe” is all of the above.

  2. I actually like the damn song…sure it could’ve been better but its dance-able

    1. Dubstep basically only exists to be danced to, right?

  3. Yeah I feel like I can’t even listen to a song with those two in it anymore without feeling second hand embarrassed at all the try-hard mess.

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