T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hyomin to Get Solo Releases in Same Month

jiyeon hyomin

For those who love an extra helping of all T-ara related antics (and how doesn’t?), the chance to witness some Core Contents Media hi-jinks will double in April when both Jiyeon and Hyomin will get solo releases.

While the lack of Eunjung is disappointing, CCM is probably doing the right thing by granting two of it’s most visible members solo tracks (and at least it’s not Boram):

Looks like Queens can have something to look forward to soon, because T-ara‘s Hyomin and Jiyeon will each be releasing solo tracks!

According to insiders, both of them will be releasing solo tracks in April. They’re already confirmed for a solo debut, and they’re working on their songs right now. Jiyeon is currently working with Duble Sidekick and Sunmi‘s stylist, and Hyomin is working with Brave Brothers and T-ara’s stylist.

Of course, given Kim Kwang Soo’s known love of getting his idols to compete against each other in order to sow discord and destruction in his wake create the best possible product, this is probably a deliberate Highlander situation in which the person behind the track that does less well is ritually sacrificed to the K-Pop gods. May the wise beings from above have mercy on their souls (but especially Jiyeon).





  1. When is Boram getting a solo? We all know that’s what everyone is waiting for.

    1. If the gods be good, never.

      1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · ·

        You know as well as I do that if my queen ever had the chance to go solo it would destroy the group and break Kpop forever. But KKS will never allow that to happen. You can’t stop her, you can only hope to contain her.

  2. Yes, throw Boram some love. After all, she was crowned the ‘Best Girl Group Member’ in the 2009 MBC Sweet Girl Chuseok special competition, beating out 27 other girl group members.
    Love the comment that accompanied the above post “I didn’t this 23-year-old who looks like a 13-year-old could be this strong” LOL.
    Yeah, yeah, I know that Goo Hara tripped..

    1. wait, is that a wrestling competition for girl group or just a visually competition? because is that a visually competition, god can never be this humble.

      1. If I recall correctly, there was (non-mud) wrestling, arm-wrestling, hammering nails into wooden planks, pulling a truck and ended with a sprint event.
        Of course, we know the only reason why Boram won was because Crayon Pop’s Soyul wasn’t on the scene yet then.

  3. Hyomin and Brave Brothers. Nuff said

  4. غير معروف · · Reply

    I love Hyomin and jiyeon

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