miss A Covering SISTAR’s “Alone” Makes My Weekend

miss a

The lack of a Hyorin-sized talent on miss A showed through in their performance but I can never say no to more Wang Fei Fei air time and her and the rest of miss A dancing to SISTAR choreography is the stuff that dreams are made of:

More collaborations like this please.

miss a alone



  1. Feithful · · Reply

    What did you think of Sistar’s cover of Hush?

    1. Honestly, it was better than miss A’s cover of “Alone” but that’s because vocals are about the fiftieth most important element of “Hush” while they’re more prominent in “Alone”. miss A doing the leg dance can’t be beat though.

  2. I personally didn’t like it and i’m a fan of both groups. I felt like it was missing something vocally, maybe if they had more time to prepare it would have looked more polished performance wise.

    1. It’s lacking “soul” and by that I think it’s missing anyone who has a brassy sound like Hyorin.

  3. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Look, Min is no Hyorin. But then again, Hyorin is no Min. I enjoyed both performances nonetheless.

    An your obsession with Fei is terribly misplaced. Everyone knows that Min is the real queen of MissA, and all of Kpop for that matter. Well, her and Boram anyway. 🙂

  4. Ouch, Min’s height, or the lack of which, is really apparent here. Of all the Sistar covers to pick, the dance moves for Alone has got to be one of the hardest to pull off. The coordination, lower limb (and butt!) control and balance required can easily be messed up, even by Sistar themselves.

  5. Bonus: the only person who can dance Alone as well as Sistar:

    1. Hmm, the time code url didn’t work. Go to the 7m50s mark.

  6. I can understand your fascination with Fei. She is a strikingly beautiful woman with a lot of competitve fire. It’s hard for any group to pull off doing a cover of “Alone.” As you said few groups have a vocal talent in Hyorin’s class, which covering Sistar’s songs well requires and Soyu is as good or better than many groups’ #1 singer, which further complicates things. It’s not an easy piece of choreography to get right either. I dialed up the video of Sistar doing Miss A’s song “Hush” as I was curious about how each group handled the other’s song. In many ways it isn’t fair to compare the two groups as the songs are quite different in their complexity and their choreography difficulty. Sistar’s dancing and singing was more polished, but they had an easier piece to work with. Miss A looked like they needed some more dance practice to get the moves right and they would always struggle with Hyorin’s parts and likely Soyu’s as well. It’s fun to see when groups do a cover of another group’s iconic song and choreography as it does give you an idea of how hard it is or how deep the talent is in a group. I think that Sistar is the deeper group talent-wise, but that’s not a knock on Miss A. There is a reason that Sistar is on that top tier of girl groups in Korea after all and it isn’t sales manipulation as some like to claim, it’s talent and drive combined with the right image.

    1. Yeah, I think Sistar’s talent is pretty underrated even though vocally it’s really Hyorin and Soyu doing all the hard work.

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