Girls’ Generation (SNSD) to be Touched by Men for First Time (on Stage)

snsd mr mr (1)

Is it sad that it’s all too easy to believe that, six years into their career, “Mr. Mr.” will mark the first time that Girls’ Generation will employ male backup dancers as part of their live choreography routine?

Then again, when a group almost has enough members to field a full court pickup basketball game, adding even more dancers to the mix seems like a surefire way to ensure that dance floor space will be rarer than Sooyoung screen time:

Girls’ Generation will be performing alongside male backdancers for the first time onstage for their “Mr.Mr” comeback.

It’s been 6 years since their debut with “Into the New World“, and the SM Entertainment group has yet to collaborate with male dancers onstage on music shows. 

There’s been a lot of curiosity about the “Mr.Mr” choreography as not much of it was revealed in the music video, but backdancers (sic) do appear towards the end.

The decision to use male backup dancers is unfortunate given that the group already has three backup dancers on hand in Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona.

Thinking on it, SM Entertainment just missed a golden opportunity to take “Mr. Mr.” to its logical “mannish concept” conclusion by having those three play the dance partners to Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon while Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun reunite as TaeTiSeo to belt out the notes. Who could say no to a Jessica and Yoona pairing?

Having Jessica Jung doesn't hurt either.


The shipping that would cause would be infinitely more entertaining than random anonymous male backup dancers. Chalk this up to another squandered opportunity by SM Entertainment to please me its fanbase.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    You sir have some great ideas. Guys touching them? Why? Is nothing sacred? On the Junkie there was a gif made by the reviewer for the MrMr video wherein Sooyoung eye-bangs you so hard that its immobilizing! That girl can do some shit with her face(thinking WW). I’m still digging “Soul” more than this tune, as the constant soloing of the guitarist(shredding btw) makes me feel like its the closest I’ll ever get to a SNSD/MUSE collaboration! Plus Jessica’s lines are awesome. I am expecting lights-out sexiness from these performances, can’t wait.

    1. So, I love their outfits for the live performances. It’s like “The Boys” but set to better music.

      1. black soshi · ·

        I just checked it out. The outfits do look fantastic. Performance was solid. I didn’t even notice the dudes until Jessica pushed one away. What’s with the camera guys these days? Dizzying.

  2. They looked good but the performance itself was boring. I wanted a dance version after the Mr.Mr MV but if that’s all there is to the choreography I think I’ll pass.

  3. […] This song is the first time that SNSD has included male backup dancers. When I read that news I was rather shocked that in their 8 year career they’ve never  danced […]

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