Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) ‘NOW’ Promotions for the Group Sure Are… Something?

jessica jung now sleeping

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) are rolling out these “impromptu and totally spontaneous” snippets of the group’s members doing… almost nothing as a marketing campaign.

What is being marketed? No idea.

What does this do for the group? No idea.

What does this accomplish? Considering that SNSD is already in the news cycle due to the release of Mr. Mr. and the soon-to-come music video, it’s not like anyone needs to be reminded that Girls’ Generation exists right now. At least Sunny seems like she’s having fun trolling members who are “sleeping” although it has the unintended consequence of looking like she’s trying to drug Jessica with a consumable roofie.

Not sure if this is meant to be cute or whatever but it certainly has an air of voyeurism to it.

I guess this has led to everyone getting to see Jessica Jung in a see-through shirt, so this has to be a plus for humanity (if only slightly creepy).



  1. moyaaa · · Reply

    The last video is introducing many SNSD fans to house music 🙂

  2. Dird Dirdrick · · Reply

    Whoever wrote this is a moron but thanks for posting the funny soshi vids!

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