Waifu Wednesday: Park Kahi

kahi park after school abs

Park Kahi is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as being the former leader of K-Pop group After School and (after a long break from the spolight) a current solo artist and actress.

Kahi is timeless. It’s hard to talk about Kahi without mentioning her age and how she seems to defy it with ease. The game has changed around Kahi more than she has changed herself. From After School to her current solo work, Kahi has always been a fair singer, a nice rapper by K-Pop standards and a very good dancer. One suspects that as time marches on and groups come and go as regularly as the calendar turns that Kahi will continue to move through it all with a grace and sexiness that never goes out of style.


Kahi is so sexy she basically defines the term.

Those abs though.

Those abs though.

Kahi could lead me off a cliff and I’d not regret a second of it.

Yup, I'd fly off a cliff.

Yup, I’d fly off a cliff.

Kahi’s dancing is smoother than melted buttah.

Like butter, causes heart attacks.

Like butter, causes heart attacks.

Kahi may have been “graduated” from After School but she’s long won at life already.

So much winning.

So much winning.

Kahi’s level of hotness is higher than a super nova.







  1. if you don’t add her on waifu wednesday then we need to have serious talk. srsly this lady is super talented and her last year’s solo is super nice. kahi for president please.

  2. moyaaa · · Reply

    Mucho respect for Kahi for teaching herself singing and dancing (against her family’s wishes), starting out as a professional dancer and dance teacher, found/produced/led ‘After School’, and finally becoming a solo artist. She’s a consummate performer.

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