Rainbow BLAXX Does Things for Arena Homme Plus

rainbow blaxx arena homme

Arena Homme Plus does the Lord’s work when it comes to doing a sextastic photo shoot. Rainbow BLAXX is quite well equipped for one. It’s a match made in (and probably from) some shiny golden heaven.

Also, the group apparently secretly went to clubs. You know. As research for their current concept. If only all method acting was always this good looking:

The members giggled as they shared that they secretly went clubbing to perfect their sexy concept. Hyunyoung also shared, “I thought a lot about the difference between sexy and erotic.”

Of course when Rainbow BLAXX is at their best, the line between sexy and erotic is thinner than most. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

God bless Arena Homme Plus and bless Rainbow BLAXX.

Going for the gold.

Woori’s going for the gold.

jaekyung is an unfair cheat code.

jaekyung is an unfair cheat code.


One comment

  1. moyaaa · · Reply

    You know, I usually a Jaekyung fanboy but that’s really not her best picture nor pose. Now, if she had uncrossed those hands and straightened her back..
    Also, I’ve finally decided that Woori can’t pull sexy off. OK, you may bring back short-hair spunky Woori.

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