Girls’ Generation Delays “Mr. Mr.” Due to Editing Snafu, Time to Retrieve Those Tin Foil Hats

snsd mr mr

After a long hiatus that slowly made their fans descend into paranoid, conspiracy theorist-madness, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) announced that they would be returning on February 19th with their latest single “Mr. Mr.” The group even released teaser photos and a teaser video to soothe the anguished minds of their fan base, the entertainment equivalent of loosening the restraints on a crazy person’s straight-jacket.

Then this happened:

Bad news for Girls’ Generation fans! The music video release and the group’s comeback has been postponed due to an incident with the music video.

A considerable amount of data of the music video for “Mr.Mr.” was corrupted during the editing process. Because of the loss, the music video cannot be released on February 19 as originally planned. Girls’ Generation had already released a short video teaser and six individual teaser images.

A representative of SM Entertainment told Osen News, “Some of the data was damaged. We are in the process of recovering. We are discussing the comeback schedule before we can make a decision.”

The group had originally planned to release the music video on February 19, make their comeback performance on “M!Countdown” the day after, and release the full album on the 24. If it comes to that the group has to re-shoot parts of their music video, the comeback could be delayed up to two weeks.

There’s two possibilities here. The first is that there really was an data corruption during editing that will delay the music video and possibly create the need for re-shoots. That would also mean that SM Entertainment is adorably inept and doesn’t back up at least some of their work, something which anyone who’s ever had a computer crash (that would be everyone) knows to do.

The second possibility? FAN WARZ:

Dis gonna be gewd.

Dis gonna be gewd.

This was “accidentally” put up by the official YG Entertainment’s twitter account because who hasn’t made quick Microsoft paint jobs of the two leading female K-Pop groups and then broadcast it through an entertainment label’s twitter.

The best part? 2NE1 is going to release their single on February 28th which is… why would you look at that. Exactly two weeks from today.

It’s too bad that SM Entertainment framed this as an editing fuck up because if they framed it as a direct response to YG’s own “accident”, we could have been witnesses to the most entertainingly staged showdown in a world which includes WrestleMania.

Of course, this could lead to YG delaying their release due to “the discovery that some of the shots in the video were improperly lit” after which SM will release a statement saying that they need to do a couple more re-shoots due to continuity errors in their re-shoots culminating in both groups delaying their releases into perpetuity as their respective fan bases devolve into deranged messes.

Better keep those straight-jackets handy.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    You’d think SM would want to be first though. I know I would. Getting a jump on the competition is always a good thing. I think that they truly screwed up. But release delays are old hat for both of these mgmt companies, so who knows. I’ll tell you one thing – I just watched the latest MuBank and the sheer number of great songs and performances would be enough to scare anyone away, even the 9-headed juggernaut.

    1. The “drawback” I can see to going first with a two week difference in debuts is the rapid fast nature in which something becomes “old” in pop. If 2NE1 goes second and knocks it out of the park with their single and gets #1 for being the new shiny thing on the block, every article written will be “2NE1 Beats SNSD”. Having the same release date probably minimizes some of that risk for SNSD (that and clearly being the most popular girl group in Korea).

  2. Spoiler ahead….

    Both Sones and Blackjacks will declare “victory” in this “battle” based on their own selective measure of success.

    1. Of course, that’s inevitable.

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