So, Stellar’s “Marionette” Sure is Generating All the Rage For a Pretty Bland Video

stellar cover

This is apparently creating some buzz for the group but it’s more or less what you’ve seen before (though perhaps not as concentrated an effort as it is here in “Marionette”.

My review is HERE at Asian Junkie.

It tries to be all this:

The uncanny valley of sexy and awkward.

The uncanny valley of sexy and awkward.

But it’s much more like this:

zomg so scintillating

zomg so scintillating




  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    This is one of the times where it’s safe to pull out the feminism definition of objectifying. The first clear shot I have of one of the member’s faces with no other body parts (or ones that are cleverly covered up, looking at you bathtub) is at the minute 1:36 mark. That’s not to say that people don’t objectify women in other videos that do show faces frequently, as a matter of fact I bet I could make an “identify the members” quiz for SNSD using only their legs, and SM makes sure to put in their faces frequently into the video. But good sexy relies a lot on facial expression and when you can’t see their faces for a good section of the video, well you’ve lost the humanity and all you have left are body parts. It’s why I place so much weight on the attitude in the video.

    1. You also hit the nail on the head of why I find it boring. It’s not engaging when a ton of shots are just of female body parts with no context to it.

  2. I swear many K-Pop choreographers hang out in strip joints to get ideas for their next ‘sexy’ video. I agree with your review that the MV is ‘trend-numbing’ (great term!). Except the butt rubbing bit which looks just plain awkward.
    The song itself isn’t half bad, but overall, this does smack of desperation and a case of ‘go big or go home’. Stella (haven’t heard of them till today, so yes any kind of publicity is good publicity?!) has been around since 2011 and has already had 2 member changes. From what I can tell, they haven’t made much of an impression with any of their previous songs ‘Rocket Girl’, ‘UFO’ & ‘Study’, which all pander to the usual cute/sexy concept (they were decidedly more cute than sexy so this is their ‘BLAXX’ moment for sure). Heck, they don’t even have a Wikipedia page.
    So while ‘Marionette’ currently has more dislikes than likes on YouTube, it’s already gotten more views than their 3 previous MVs combined. I’m just not sure their new found notoriety will help in their music careers. In the crazy world of K-Pop, controversy is somethings synonymous with brilliant marketing.

    1. Yup, can’t say that this hasn’t led to more people knowing about Stellar, even if the controversy is just “here’s a K-Pop group you don’t care about doing those things that all the K-Pop groups you do care about have already done so feel free to slam them instead of your faves”.

      Controversy being synonymous with brilliant marketing is something with CCM and T-ara do better than anyone. Stellar’s got a long way to go to get to the King and Queens of “Controversy.”

  3. Koreastina · · Reply

    It is such a frickin shame because the girls can all sing and they are beautiful. I don’t understand why, how, why..? It’s immensely offensive to decent people and especially women and pointedly insulting to these four. It’s saying we don’t think you are good enough so we are gonna try this gimmick to sell your music… Poor girls. Seriously it is the management that needs to be strung up for this. I’m fairly sure they had little to do with what went on.

    1. The thing is, they haven’t exactly gone anywhere before trying this. Pop culture is all about relevancy and this is kind of a last-ditch effort at it that appears to be working.

  4. Can you review ‘So Wonderful’ by Ladies’ Code ? I know you didn’t enjoy their debut much but I’ve forgiven you for that ;).

  5. Their promotional strategy seems to have worked.

    This song is charting higher than anything else they’ve done and a lot more people know who they are now.

  6. but i thought the trend of sexy concept in k-pop right now is your paradise, slug?

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