Girls’ Generation Drops “Mr.Mr.” Teaser or What Happens When the Doll House Meets the Grindhouse


The wait is almost over as Girls’ Generation (SNSD) has released its teaser for it’s next single, “Mr.Mr.”

The teaser certainly looks interesting, but then again, SM Entertainment has a knack for making really good teasers only to release music videos about as inspiring as the color “drab”.

Positive points: The direction looks like it gives two shits. The interspersing of static-y shots, grainy footage and the emphasis on red and pink give “Mr.Mr.” a grindhouse, punk feel that SNSD hasn’t tried before. The shots of the girls look sexy without screaming sexy concept. Indeed, it looks more like Hot Topic: the Horror Film than anything else. The quick cuts haven’t revealed any dance choreography yet, so one can hold out the ever so slim hope that this won’t be dance-in-a-box concept for at least a couple more days (“Mr.Mr.” is set to be released on February 19th). Lastly, there’s no way this ends up being a aegyo-fueled SNSD release unless SM Entertainment gives exactly zero fucks about expectations set by trailers.

Lastly, the song is pretty damn promising. The last time SNSD had a beat this hard we got “Run Devil Run”, a pretty good song with a more than acceptable concept. There’s a very edgy hip-pop element to “Mr.Mr.” that sounds fresh and focused for the group and it will be interesting to see if the final production can live up to the bar set here. It’s one thing to have a good beat that can play for thirty seconds. It’s another to get that beat to last three minutes  without getting stale or getting to be too much. One only has to look as far as “I Got a Boy” to see how an interesting beat can be used sparingly and still wear out its welcome when not properly mixed. But if the teaser holds true to form, “Mr.Mr.” will hopefully be the kind of single which SNSD has needed to shake up the malaise that has settled in the group’s Korean releases (excluding “I Got a Boy” which should count as an anomaly not only in Girls’ Generation’s discography, but also in pop music generally).

Negative points: SNSD is far better at ballads than they are at dance pop. The group’s flirtations with hip-hop haven’t gone well with the schizophrenic tendencies of “I Got a Boy” and the so-called rapping in “The Boys” being the most recent examples. SM Entertainment likes to use introductory beats as the means for trailers a lot of the time and it can be misleading as to what the actual sound of the song is going to be:

Or hell, why even use the intro when you can just use a whole other beat entirely:

Point is, it’s an SM trailer and getting one’s hopes up for an SM trailer is likely to end like more than half the marriages in the US do: in bitter disappointment.

With that being said, this looks pretty great so far. The darker tones and more adult look is definitely something that SNSD has needed for awhile now. Hopefully, there’s some truth in advertising.

At the very least, more Jessica Jung is never a bad thing.

The ice princess cometh.

The ice princess cometh.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I think you are too hard in these gals. I never got all the hate for IGAB. Sure, it didn’t follow the standard chorus-verse-chorus format, but how that was seen as a bad thing I’ll never understand. And The Boys took my Kpop cherry and I was in the audience for the Letterman performance so I cannot be objective about it. I any case, I know they are held to a higher standard and I suppose that due to their immense popularity they should be. But for me they have never disappointed.

    1. I like IGAB more than The Boys for the simple reason that it’s more interesting but that doesn’t necessarily make it good. the really high pitch of the synths blows out everything else and there’s now lower pitches to counterbalance anything which makes the whole thing a bit of a headache. The Boys was a part of my descent into K-Pop as well but more for the outfits and concept than the song itself.

  2. Everyone I know loved “The Boys”, so I didn’t realize, that the established opinion is that is badly produced. I feel like I could show the MV to lots of people who haven’t been familiar with Kpop without them being, “WTF” is this, in constrast to …like when I would show “Gee”. So yeah, there is that.

    1. The Boys is a pretty good “intro” song to show people because it’s a bit slower, there’s some English (even an English version!) and the girls look great.

  3. What I found on Tumblr:

    SoShi Roles in ‘Mr Mr’

    Taeyeon: Spends most of her time in the children’s wing teaching the little ones how to use a stethoscope with the help of her trusty bear, “Little Mr”. However, she specializes more in stopping hearts than checking them.
    Jessica: The owner of this fine hospital. Her policy, “once you enter in you will never walk out”. Patients should read the fine print a little better before they sign next time.
    Sunny: Sugary sweet and the first face you’ll meet upon arrival. Don’t let the smiles fool you, once you turn around…well, let’s just say she really knows how to “stab someone in the back”.
    Tiffany: The drop dead sexy nurse who is more than happy to nurse you back to health…or maybe quite the opposite.
    Hyoyeon: A day without an autopsy is boring. She sits in the morgue waiting for the next victim to be handed her way. Or she’ll come into your room and bring you down onto the slab herself.
    Yuri: Addicted to the morphine. Suffering from frequent black outs, she often finds herself waking up in one of the surgical rooms with a body strapped to the table and their heart sitting in a tray.
    Sooyoung: The psycho surgeon. This girl is a whiz with the scalpel and has never fainted at the sight of blood. You want anesthetics? Sorry. You won’t feel anything in a minute anyway.
    Yoona: The go-to if all you want is a checkup. I wouldn’t trust her prescriptions, though. Once you start taking them, you’ll only continue to get sicker so you have to come back. No worry. She’ll always greet you on your return with a cheery, “Welcome back!”

    Seohyun: In charge of providing the patients with food and sustenance. Careful. For her the saying should go, “an apple a day – a slow death you will pay”.


    1. I await with baited breath for any SNSD video that is not a dance-in-a-box-fest.

      1. Haha, I am with you on that sentiment. Apropros “not dance-in-a-box”, what did you think of “My oh My?” I loved the girls’ acting in it. Taeyeon’s disapproving look and Jessica’s eyebrow action, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon, all of them.

      2. It’s a step in the right direction and I could just be blinded by the assault of pretty. I want an SNSD music video with more of a story line (although beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take whatever Jessica I can get).

  4. You know what I just only found you a few minutes ago and I fucking love you okay or maybe I was just being too Jessie biased idk and idc kbye

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