SNSD’s Taeyeon Hints at Comeback, Hopefully Stops Group’s Fans From Becoming Tin Foiled Conspiracy Theorists

taeyeon snsd derp

Though there was no clear date set, speculation began late in 2013 that Girls’ Generation (SNSD) would have a comeback sometime in the early part of 2014. Since that hasn’t happened yet (obviously) and K-Pop fans have all the patience of a dog in heat, Taeyeon took to instagram to calm anxious fans’ nerves and presumably keep them from devolving into being the Truthers of K-Pop:

It’s a fresh Monday. Finally, the day I decided would be ‘Soshi Day’ has started! You’ve all waited for so long. Starting with Sooyoung‘s birthday and the duet song release today, you’ll be able to see us continuously until Girls’ Generation’s new comeback soon ^^ Really, it’s not going to be much longer! #newgg

The caption came with this photo of an apple, which SONEs will now dissect like the Zapruder film:

Next Girls Generation concept is clearly going to be based on eating nutritionally.

Next Girls’ Generation concept is clearly going to be based on eating nutritionally.

To put stuff into perspective of how painfully awful speculation about a Girls’ Generation comeback has gotten with fans, past guesswork about SNSD’s comeback included interpreting Taeyeon’s candy choices, text on a glass cup and use of the peace sign as “clues”:

One of these hints include Yuri and Tiffany’s thanks to their fans before the ‘23rd Seoul Music Awards.’  They wrote “gamsahae-o” instead of “gamsahae-yo,” making people believe the girls did it on purpose as “o” means the number 5. Could this be a hint that they will be returning on the 5th?  Other clues include a picture uploaded onto Taeyeon’s Instagram of a candy product inside a glass cup that said ‘5% juice.’  In addition, Taeyeon was inside the picture with a V-sign that could look like the number “2” and the V as the roman numeral symbol for “5”, again making the fans speculate that the numbers were no coincidence and the girls were hinting at a February 5 comeback.

Based off all the attention that those things got (NOT EVEN DIRECTLY RELATED TO A GIRLS’ GENERATION COMEBACK SPECIFICALLY), this probably means that Taeyeon’s bedazzled apple is already the most famous piece of fruit since the apple that the serpent talked Adam and Eve into eating. Can’t wait to hear more conspiracy theories of how the apple is a a clue for SNSD’s next concept, “Cosplaying Isaac Newton”.



  1. I hope the ladies are allowed to act their age a bit more and dial down the aegyo. It’s painful to see a full grown woman (with curves to match) like Yuri still made to act cute like in ‘Beep Beep’,

    Fun fact: Yuri (24) is older than ever single member of Sistar.

    1. As far as crimes against K-Pop goes, reining in sexy Yuri has to be near tops of the list.

      When allowed, she beats SISTAR at their own game:

  2. Well, here it is. Looks really promising but I’ve been trolled by teasers before:

  3. In Korean apples sometimes symbolize apology since “sagwa” means apple + “sagwahada” means to apologize.

    I think Taesu really loves her fans and has telepathy with them so she can sense their thoughts and feelings…

    Unlike other celebrities that put a wall between themselves and audiences Taeyeon feels connected with them…

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