Rainbow’s Jaekyung Says She Turned Down Offers to be in KARA and Possibly SNSD, Should Not Be Her Own Agent

jaekyung rainbow a

Jaekyung may be the most well-known member of Rainbow but she could have been a member of KARA or a part of SM Entertainment if she had played her cards right.

Hindsight is 20/20 but she must lose sleep over this every now and again:

Jaekyung said, “When I became a trainee at my agency ten years ago, I almost became a KARA member.  However, the agency said, ‘KARA’s going to go for a cute image, so let’s make a new team.’  That is why I continued practicing.  When I was getting tired of it, the time to recruit KARA members came.  At that time, the agency said, ‘You want to debut in KARA by any chance?  Then, you could debut right away.’ It was tempting, but I turned it down because I thought I would be happy with my Rainbow members.

Jaekyung continued, “No one knows this, but truthfully, I was contacted by SM Entertainment, too.  I also turned them down.  And then two months later, Girls’ Generation made their debut,” surprising everyone.

KARA would go on to be DSP Media’s biggest group by far while Rainbow has basically tread water since its debut. And as much as SM Entertainment can be lambasted for its very conservative risk-averse approach when it comes to its groups and concepts, one can’t deny that its a well-oiled money making machine, the likes of which DSP Media can only have feverish dreams about becoming.

The moral of the story is probably that ten year olds shouldn’t be in the position to make these types of career choices but this is K-Pop and the K-Pop machine requires the sacrifices of little souls and their future livelihoods to its ravenous life-sucking alter.

Of course, with KARA currently looking like a dead group walking Jaekyung, in some round about fashion, may have ended up making the right choice by sticking with Rainbow after all. As for the possibility of being a member of SNSD, let’s just say that SNSD won’t be turning into Rainbow BLAXX anytime soon – if at all – so perhaps this worked out best for everybody.

And by everybody, I mean me.

And a happy ending was had by all.

And everyone lived happily ever after.



  1. Given that SNSD debuted only 2 months after her “offer”, I doubt she would have been put in that group.

    The Kara story is believable but I wonder who she would have been recruited in place of… Hara? That seems a more likely substitute than aegyo princess Jiyoung.

    If that would have been the case, Kara might not have become the group that it did. Hara is arguably the most popular member in Korea and nobody will convince me that her likeness to Namie Amuro didn’t have a big part in their Japanese success.

    Jaekyung still probably would have been better off joining Kara but there is certainly no guarantee that the group would have had the same success with her in it.

    1. Yeah, I doubt SM would bring in someone elses trainee and plug them into a group ready to debut. Maybe it was for another group like f(x).

  2. I love Jaekyung but talking about almost joining SNSD? What a little thief! Clara owns that line and has been milking it for years, probably trademarked.
    As for Kara? Interesting question, to be top girl in a mediocre group or just one of several in a much better one?
    I would like to see her have a stare-off with Gyuri to see who has dominance though.

    1. I thought the same thing regarding Gyuri. They would either clash constantly or become besties and attempt to take over the world together. When you look at Rainbow, there’s no question that it’s Jaekyung’s group. It wouldn’t be that way if she had joined an already established group.

      1. Jaekyung and Gyuri would probably be the best frenemies on Planet Earth. Game of Thrones would probably have nothing on the courtroom politics of Jaekyung and Gyuri being in the same group.

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