Waifu Wednesday: Hyomin

hyomin cover

Park Sun-Young, better known by her stage name Hyomin, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, rapper, actress, model and designer. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop group T-ara, the gift that is forever giving.

Yes, Hyomin took a bit of a popularity hit with the rest of T-ara due to the Hwayoung bullying scandal that may or may not have included actual bullying in it. That does not change what Hyomin is able to accomplish on stage. Her various titles aren’t so much resume padding as they are indicative of her versatility. Need a singer now that Areum’s gone? Hyomin can slide into that role. Need someone to cover a bit of rapping with the ethering of Hwayoung? Hyomin can do it. Need someone on stage who can distract from the fact that T-ara is now back to the original six after jettisoning off the two most recent additions? Throw Hyomin front and center. Truth be told, there isn’t a lot that Hyomin can’t do outside solving the PR nightmare that is CCM (and no one ever said that she was a miracle worker). Because what Hyomin can do, she can do better than most about anybody:


Hyomin’s sexiness causes more heart attacks than blood clots.

Could eat off that stomach.

Could eat off that stomach.

The idea of Hyomin bullying is hotter than six suns wrapped in Aphrodite’s bed.

More flawless than a circle is round.

More flawless than a circle is round.

Hyomin’s talents make Batman look like a one trick pony.

T-ara may rise and fall but Hyomin is forever.

T-ara may rise and fall but Hyomin is forever.

Hyomin’s beauty is more magical than a unicorn riding a rainbow made of Cupid’s farts.

Thug lyfe.

Thug lyfe.

Hyomin causes more things to malfunction than a power surge.

My brain. It broked.

My brain. It broked.

Hyomin is proof that God does not entirely hate humanity.

More moves than a queen.

More moves than a queen.





  1. Ok, I’ve new-found respect for Hyomin after reading her Wikipedia page. Her occupation as “singer, dancer, rapper, actress, model” could be used to described many K-Pop celebrities, but Hyomin seems to have some actual versatility in acting and fashion too.
    She’s pretty almost to a fault (she’s not nicknamed ‘folding screen’ for nothing) but have always struck me as more malnourished, rather than fit or lean (no thanks to the both hilarious and sad Hyuna Hyomin Invincible Youth segment about CCM starving Hyomin). Anyway, anyone who’s been in the industry since 8 and hasn’t turned into Miley-Twerking-Cyrus or Justin-Pothead-Bieber has my respect.

    1. Yeah, I’ve only seen her act in one thing (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) and she was perfectly fine in it.

      1. Oh god, that was the worst mv ever for such a good song.

      2. Wow, that was truly bad editing. I hope you were being sarcastic like the Asian Junkie post you linked to. Here’s a fast cut ‘dance version’ MV done well. I get breathless every time I watch it (without breaking into epilepsy).

      3. Yeah, that’s pretty good for a fast cut dance version because you can still focus on the choreography.

        The Hyomin one is designed to disorient and assault the senses until you can’t even tell what’s happening on screen anymore. And it’s to a song that is set to a slower tempo making it even funnier/worse.

  2. Her abs would be used for arthur knights to drink the Holy Grail

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Eventually you will have to WW all of G7, and if you finish off SNSD there’s a two-for-one! Thanks for doing Hyomin, she is always hot! Great pics and gif!

    1. I didn’t even think of the G7 connection but damn, that’s a good one.

    2. Great reference. G7, or more specifically the following video, was one of the things that introduced me to K-Pop.

      I fondly remember watching this 2009 stage performance and wondering who all these incredibly hot girls were (besides SNSD & Hyuna whom I recognised). The universe almost imploded that day from all the K-Pop awesomeness concentrated in a single spot.

      1. The golden age of K-pop.

      2. Mmmmhhmmm. RIP G7, you were too good for this world.

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