Former T-ara Member Hwayoung Bullied by Car, Hospitalized in Accident


In all seriousness, here’s to hoping that she’s alright.

Hwayoung was involved in a car accident while she was on her way to see a friend. She got rear-ended by another car, probably due to some curse that Kim Kwang Soo performed on the burial ground of her old contract with Core Contents Media. Hwayoung suffered some minor injuries as a result:

She received small bruises from the small accident and the doctor recommend that she should rest for a week. She was hospitalized on February 3.

A Wellmade StarM representative stated, “Hwayoung’s injury is not big. However, she will not be able to attend all of her schedules due to being hospitalized.”

Hwayoung’s most recent acting plans include a spot in Zia’s upcoming music video where she’s putting her acting chops on full display for everyone to see.

Look at all dat talent.

Look at all dat talent.

Good lawd, acting up a storm.

Good lawd, acting up a storm.

Wellmade StarM has certainly, erhm, done right by Hwayoung so far and hopefully this is just a small bump on the road (pun entirely intended) in what should be a very freaking hawt beautiful relationship between actress and management.

Also, may Hwayoung actually get a week’s worth of rest because you know that CCM would say that nothing is quite as restful as working non-stop following a significant injury.



  1. You nasty, nasty man. How I laughed reading the title of this one. On the plus side you can just see the determination bursting out of Hwayoung in the top photo.

    1. Yes, such determination. Hwayoung HWAITING! Also, I subconsciously probably did this one for the title alone.

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