Selca Sunday – Super Selcas for Super Day of Football Bowls

hyuna and puppy 4minute

Hyuna wants you for Selca Sunday

Welcome to Selca Sunday, where the chronicles of idol life is captured by K-Pop stars themselves and then shat out online to the rest of the world for the purposes of brand management and half the articles on allkpop. While there is precious little Fei (!) or Sera (!) this week, here’s some of the best over the last seven days. Long live Nana’s new twitter account.

Nana of After School:

This is the making of a great chapter in mankind's history.

This is the making of a great chapter in mankind’s history.

Hyemi of Nine Muses:

Well, give Hyemi whatever she wants.

Well, give Hyemi whatever she wants.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Here's four Jaekyungs.

Here’s four Jaekyungs.

Hyosung of SECRET:

Witness greatness.

Witness greatness.

Taeyeon of SNSD:

Dat belly though.

Dat belly though.

Dahye of BESTie:

Welcome to the Dahye era.

Welcome to the Dahye era.

Clara Lee of Whatever the Hell She Wants:

Pro post.

Pro post.

Lee Hyori:

Respect the queen.

Respect the queen.

Hyomin of T-ara:

Bully me so hard.

Bully me so hard.

Jessica Jung of SNSD:

Good night, y'all can go home.

Good night, y’all can go home.

Until next week when we selca it up again, have a good weekend y’all. Go watch that football game or something.



  1. Paige-Nevaeh · · Reply

    Hyomin is so sexy. She can victimize me all she wants.

    1. Mmmmhmmmm *nods head

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Incredible edition. It will be hard to top this one. You did the right thing with the inclusion of the most beautiful creature that has ever been created. Thanks for the RED direct links to WW, I have never noticed that before! Also I am enjoying Asian Junkie as well, so thanks for that too.

    1. Wow, never thought I’d INTRODUCE people to Asian Junkie haha. Welcome, then. The content being produced there is really good. I also knew as this edition was coming together that it would be a top non-Fei, non-Sera Sunday. So many ringers in this one.

  3. Speaking of Clara Lee, I’m not sure whether you’ve already seen this but it appears she has some K-Pop ambitions. Me thinks she should stick to her modeling and ‘acting’.

    1. You know what? Since singing isn’t a requirement and she can move to a beat, I say fuq it, put her in everything. The netizen rage alone will be worth it (closely followed by Clara being in everything).

  4. No Fei? No Sera? this is madness. And you choose Dahye over Haeryung ;_;

    what is your favorite ideal types in k-pop, slug? sometimes i’m questioning it lol. maybe i can recommend what that match your ideal types

    1. Lucky you, I did a post on that at the end of last year:

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